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    Source (parent portal)

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    The Source is a resource that displays student assessment scores, attendance, library info and current school year grades for secondary students.  Elementary student grades are not displayed on the Source at this time.

    What do I need to do to get this service?

    • Active students (grades 1+) are already enrolled in the service. They may log in with their network username and password.
    Parents and Guardians:
    • Parents and guardians must have an enrolled student in the district.

    • To start service, they must register using the Sign up button on the Source login page.

    • Parent and guardian registration instructions may be found here.
    Community Based Organizations (CBOs):
    • Information for Community Based Organizations may be found at this link.

    What is included?

    The Source includes attendance, assessment scores, library information and secondary student grades for the student themselves and for each parent or guardian who has registered with the Source. In addition, parents and guardians may request Advanced Learning referrals, view Advanced Learning testing information including dates and results. Students do not see Advanced Learning information on their Source accounts.

    When is support for the service available?

    Online resources are available on the Source log on screen, via the  About the Source link. You may also find online resources by clicking Student Portal at the top of any SPS webpage.

    Support is also available via email at:

    How long does it take to get the service?

    • Enrolled students may begin using the Source immediately after they set up their student password at school.

    • Parents and guardians may begin using the Source immediately after they register and create their account online.

    • CBOs must turn in completed FERPA forms to the School and Community Partnerships Department for each student, each year.

    How do I change or stop the service?

    • Student accounts are disabled upon withdrawal or graduation.

    • Parent and guardian accounts are disabled when they no longer have students actively enrolled in SPS. In addition, parents and guardians may opt out by emailing to ask that their account be disabled.

    • CBO accounts are automatically disabled at the end of each school year.

    How much does the service cost?

    There is no charge to our customers for this service.


    See the About the Source page for user documentation.




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