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    SchoolMessenger and the SchoolMessenger App

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    SchoolMessenger is software that Seattle Public Schools uses to send out emails and/or phone calls to families and/or staff. These messages are usually of a wide reaching nature and not specific about individual students; for example, messages about an upcoming event at school or an upcoming field trip for a particular class may be sent using SchoolMessenger. SchoolMessenger also notifies families when their secondary student misses 1 or more periods a day and the absence is unexcused.

    Every family is automatically enrolled to receive all messages from their school(s) and the District. Families are able to opt-out of non-emergency calls by updating their preferences in the SchoolMessenger App or the website. For more information about the SchoolMessenger App and how to create an account and update preferences, please visit this site.

    Note:  Families will need to keep at least one number active for emergency announcement phone calls.

    What do I need to do to get this service?

    Parents are automatically given this service by having a student in Seattle Public Schools. Updating your student’s Verification Form each year helps us to have the correct telephone and email contact information.

    What is included?

    • The District will contact you when schools are closed due to inclement weather.

    • The District will contact you if school is starting late.

    • Schools will contact you by email when there is an activity at the school that you may be interested in.

    When is support for the service available?

    Contact your student’s school to amend or correct a phone number or email address, and use the SchoolMessenger App or website to update notification preferences. For assistance creating an account with the SchoolMessenger App or using the software, contact SchoolMessenger App customer support at 800-920-3897.

    ** If you are a community member and do not have students at Seattle Public Schools, but are receiving messages through this service, please contact the school that sent the message.

    How long does it take to get the service?

    Parents are added to SchoolMessenger automatically when they enroll a student in Seattle Public Schools.

    How do I change or stop the service?

    • For changes to email or phone numbers, contact your student’s school.

    • Select unsubscribe to email messages or phone calls when you no longer wish to receive them, or

    • Use the SchoolMessenger App or website to update your notification preferences.

    How much does the service cost?

    There is no charge to families to receive calls or emails from SchoolMessenger.


    The school’s Verification Form is distributed to families each year to make sure we have the correct contact information.

    For more information about the SchoolMessenger App and how to update preferences, please visit this site.




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