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    What is Schoology?

    Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS).  Teachers may use Schoology to post assignments, messages, events, and calendar items. 
    Parents and guardians must register to view Schoology content. 
    log on with their student account.  If your student did not receive their student account, please have them see their school librarian or teacher.

    What do I need to register?

    To create an account, you will need your Schoology Access Code, found in the Source. If you do not have a Source account, please visit the Source account setup page.

    How do I create a Schoology account?

    Please visit our Schoology registration page.

      How do I add students to my Schoology account?

      1. Click the down-facing arrow on the top right, then click the
        + Add Child
        Image of Add student link
      2. Enter the Access Code from the Source and click the Use Code button.
      3. Repeat these steps to add more children enrolled in SPS.

      How do I view my students?

      1. To switch to Student View, use the down facing arrow at the top right of your account by your name.
        Image of Schoology menu
      2. Click a student's name.  If you have several students, some names may be hidden, click the name you can see.  This will display your students and add a second arrow.
      3. Click a student's name to view their information. 
      4. Click the other arrow if you wish to return to Parent View.

      What about messages?

      Students receive emails throughout the day.
      If an email is sent to parents or guardians, they are delivered once daily at 5:00 p.m.

        How does my account differ from my student's?

        Students use their school username and password to log onto Schoology via Microsoft's Office 365.  They are able to contribute to classroom discussions, download textbooks, and take tests.  Parents and guardians can view most of these items, but cannot download textbooks, take quizzes or join classroom conversations with students.  Visit the Student Management Account to see the differences between your account and your student's.

        Why is my student having trouble logging on from home?

        Here are the most common reasons why students have trouble logging onto Schoology:

        • Someone else is logged onto the computer
        • They do not know their username and/or are not including immediately after their username
        • The cache needs to be cleared on the browser
        • There is a stored username and password on the browser (view the clearing passwords site to learn how to clear a stored password from your browser)
        • Try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome
        • The student has stored an old WiFi password in a mobile device and needs to clear it
        • They have forgotten their password (view the student account manager to learn how student's manage their password)

        How do I change my parent account password?

        1. Click the down facing arrow to the right of your name
        2. Click Account Settings
        3. Look for the Account Password section and click the Change your password link
        4. Enter your Current password
        5. In the New and Confirm password fields, enter the password you wish to use
        6. Click Submit

        Visit the Schoology passwords site if you've forgotten your password.

        Schoology Status Monitor

        View the Schoology Status Monitor.

        Schoology Language Settings

        To change the Language settings in your Schoology account, please navigate all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the downfacing arrow next to "English" (bottom right corner). From here you should be able to choose your desired language.

        The Schoology mobile app language depends on the Language & Region settings on your device.

        Need help?

        Email  When you email, please include the following information: A brief description of the problem, Your full name, Your email address, Your student's full name, Your student's 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#, Your student's school.