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    Boundary changes made — 2014-2019

    The district sometimes makes changes to school boundaries to balance enrollment between schools. This often happens because there is more space available at one school because of construction or when a new school is opened. You can learn more on the main boundary change page or by watching this video.

    You can see the information on boundary changes made in previous years using the links below.

    2013 Growth Boundaries Project

    Many of the changes made between 2014 and 2019  were approved in fall 2013 as a part of the district's Growth Boundaries Project. Work on the Growth Boundaries Project began in spring 2013 after the Building Excellence IV Capital Levy was approved by voters. The levy funded 17 major projects for construction of new schools, replacement of existing schools, or major modernization of existing buildings to open them for use. This construction provided much needed space for the growing number of students enrolling in Seattle Public Schools.

    Based on historical and projected enrollment data, numerous options were considered in the development of the Growth Boundaries for Student Assignment. The final decisions were strongly influenced by input from families and community members. Community input archive

    At the November 20, 2013, meeting of the Seattle School Board, Directors approved Growth Boundaries, feeder patterns and option school Geographic Priority Zones.

    Growth Boundaries Project implementation

    Implementation of the new Growth Boundaries began with the 2014-15 school year. All changes are scheduled to be implemented by the 2020-21 school year. There have been changes to the implementation plan since the Growth Boundaries Plan was approved.

    Each year, the boundary changes scheduled for the following year are reviewed, and any amendments to the approved plan must be approved by the School Board. The implementation maps below show the boundaries as they were approved in 2013.

    The following documents provide additional details.

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