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    Magnolia Elementary boundaries recommendation

    Includes changes to Catharine Blaine K-8 and Lawton Elementary boundaries for 2019-20, grandfathering for those entering grade 5, and guaranteed placement at Blaine for rising and current fifth-graders

    Updated Dec. 6, 2018​

    Magnolia Elementary is scheduled to open in fall 2019 to provide more elementary school capacity in the Magnolia area. The construction team reports that the project is on schedule.

    We are committed to having boundaries determined for Magnolia Elementary by the end of January. This will ensure that families have the information prior to the start of open enrollment for school choice, which is Feb. 4 through Feb. 15, 2019.

    On Dec. 6, Enrollment Planning staff recommended Scenario C to the Seattle School Board Operations Committee. The Operations Committee has decided to move forward with a recommendation for Scenario D, which will be introduced at the School Board meeting on Dec. 19. We will also be recommending grandfathering for students entering grade 5 in fall 2019 and a guaranteed assignment for current and rising Catharine Blaine fifth-graders who want to remain at Blaine for grades 6-8. The School Board makes final boundary and grandfathering decisions.

    We appreciate the time and thought you have all put into this process.

    Next steps:

    Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018: Regular School Board meeting — expected date for Board introduction of Magnolia boundaries

    Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019: Regular School Board meeting — expected date for Board action on Magnolia boundaries

    Feb. 4-15: 2019: Open Enrollment period. Complete School Choice forms to attend a school different than your student's attendance area school

    September 2019: Magnolia Elementary opens; new boundaries are implemented

    Thank you again for your thoughtful engagement about the boundaries for all three schools in the Magnolia region.

    Fall Community Meetings Held

    On Thursday, Oct. 25 and Thursday, Nov. 1, Enrollment Planning hosted community meetings to share information on Magnolia boundary scenarios, answer questions and collect community feedback. Approximately 50 families attended each meeting. No decisions have been made about Magnolia boundaries or grandfathering. The Seattle School Board will likely approve a decision in January 2019.

    What we heard

    • Some families would like to minimize the number of families impacted by boundary changes while others would like to prioritize capacity relief for Lawton and Catharine Blaine K-8.
    • Community members expressed concern that growing elementary enrollment would lead to middle school capacity problems.
    • Some parents are concerned about potential culture changes at Catharine Blaine K-8 if middle school enrollment increases.
    • Attendees pointed out that increased middle school seat availability at Catharine Blaine K-8 doesn’t guarantee that families will apply for those seats.
    • Families expressed preference for a dedicated 6-8 middle school in the Magnolia neighborhood or for Magnolia Elementary School or Catharine Blaine K-8 to transition to a 6-8 middle school.
    • Parents would like to have the option of sibling grandfathering so families with siblings stay at one school.
    • Some Lawton families are concerned that Scenario B disrupts the community by splitting current Lawton residents between two schools.
    • Some community members are concerned that boundary scenarios, especially Scenario C, assign a disproportionate amount of multi-family and rental housing to the new Magnolia attendance area.
    • Families in the new Magnolia boundaries expressed a desire for before and after care, Advanced Learning and PTA involvement at the new school.

    Community input from the meeting, as well as feedback received via email, will be compiled and shared with the Seattle School Board.

    Meeting materials (scenario maps updated with walk zones, Oct. 31.)

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    Maps: Scenario B adobe PDF icon    Scenario C adobe PDF icon     Scenario D adobe PDF icon

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