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    Changes for 2019-20 School Year

    Updated Jan. 14, 2018

    New Scenario for Board Introduction on Jan. 17

    At the January 10 work session, the Board reviewed the two most recent scenarios and requested one map be presented for Introduction on January 17, with four additional areas to be discussed further.

    This new map, referred to as Fv4.3, works to balance capacity while also minimizing impact for students and families across the two HC pathway scenarios requested by the Board. The four additional areas for consideration respond to various community concerns and effort to balance previous Board-approved priorities and guiding principles.

    There may be additional adjustments made by the School Board. The School Board is anticipated to vote on final high school boundaries and HC pathways at the January 31 School Board meeting.

    Providing Feedback

    There are still opportunities for you to provide feedback on high school boundary changes and high school HC pathways.


    Seattle Public Schools will open Lincoln High School in September 2019. At this time, it is expected that Lincoln will be an attendance area high school — one to which students will be initially assigned based on where they live. As there is not currently an attendance area for Lincoln, one will be established by reassigning areas from other high schools.

    Ingraham High School will also have a significant capacity increase in 2019 due to construction of an addition. This will also impact current high school boundaries. In order to provide as much advance notice as possible, district staff and the Seattle School Board are working to make high school boundary decisions before the February 2018 open enrollment for School Choice period for the 2018-19 school year. While high school boundaries will not change until fall 2019, this year’s grade 8 students will be impacted in their sophomore year, and families have requested clarity on high school boundaries so that they can make choices for 9th grade based on their planned assignment for 10th grade.

    High School Boundary Task Force was formed in April 2017 to develop high school boundary options that address the opening of Lincoln, future enrollment growth and physical space demands. The task force created 10 draft boundary scenarios between April and September, and shared a preferred option and two alternatives in September. These top three scenarios were the starting point for community conversations about high school boundaries.

    Additional Scenarios

    Adjustments and new scenarios were developed in response to changing information and feedback from the community and School Board. These scenarios, Fv4.2 and Fv6 were discussed at the High School Boundary Task Force meeting on Jan. 5, and by the School Board on Jan. 10.

    Scenario Fv4.2 map | Scenario Fv4.2 change area map
    Scenario Fv6 map | Scenario Fv6 change area

    Ultimately, the Seattle School Board will make the decision as to new high school boundaries.

    Feedback Collected

    Regional community open houses were held to answer questions and share information on high school boundary recommendations in October and November. A community survey provided an opportunity for families to rate their top priorities as this work continues and to provide any additional feedback that should be considered by district staff and the School Board.

    Providing additional feedback

    There are still opportunities for you to provide feedback on high school boundary changes and high school HC pathways.

      Timeline for high school boundary decisions

      April 2017: High School Boundary Task Force formed — includes district staff, high school principals, parents and representatives from community organizations.

      April–October 2017: Task force works on recommendations. Preferred scenarios posted.

      October and November 2017: Community feedback period. Comments collected through email, survey and community open houses on Oct. 23, 26 and 30, and Nov. 8 and 9.

      November 2017: Community survey link sent and posted. The survey can be taken in alternate languages by selecting your language in the upper right corner.

      November 2017: Task force members and Enrollment Planning team review and consider feedback (from open houses, email messages and survey) to determine what adjustments should be made to scenarios.

      November 2017: Advanced Learning Department released recommendations on high school Highly Capable (HC) pathways

      November 2017 – January 2018: Task force members, Enrollment Planning team and School Board Directors review and consider feedback (from open houses, email messages and survey) to determine what adjustments should be made to scenarios.

      Dec. 7, 2017: Initial scenarios for high school boundary changes presented to Seattle School Board Operations Committee. This committee decides if the options should be presented to the full School Board.

      Dec. 14, 2017: High School Boundary Task Force meeting. Additional scenarios posted on task force page.

      Jan. 3, 2018: Discussion of high school boundary changes at School Board Meeting. No recommendation made.

      Jan. 5, 2018:
      High school boundary task force meeting.

      Jan. 10, 2018: School Board work session on high school boundary changes. New scenario requested by School Board.

      Jan. 17, 2018: High school boundary changes will be introduced at the School Board meeting. The meeting agenda and materials have been posted.

      Jan. 31, 2018: Expected date for School Board action on high school boundary changes.

      Feb. 5-16, 2018: Open enrollment period for School Choice. <more information>

      Fall 2018: No changes to high school boundaries.

      Fall 2019: Changes to high school boundaries implemented.

        Last updated: 1/14/18