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    Please review the following to see if these tips help resolve your issue:

    You cannot log in:

    • Clear the cache on your browser, close, reopen and try again.  Or try a different browser. Make sure you have the most recent version of the browser installed.
    • Confirm you are entering the correct username. Your parent/guardian username is the email address on the school record. Contact the school to confirm your email address.  
    • Students only enter the beginning of their username to log onto the Source.  EXAMPLE:  1student  Visit the Student Username and Password page to learn more.
    • Parents, try resetting your password
    • Students, ask a teacher or librarian to reset your password.
    • Email

    You sent a request for a password or username reminder, but did not get a response:

    If you do not receive an email from Source Support in your Inbox:
    • Check your Spam and Trash folders.
    • Contact the school to confirm your Source username and the email address on record at the school are the same.  There may be a typo on the school record.
    • If you still cannot reset your password, please contact: with the following information:
      • Brief description of the problem
      • Your full name
      • Each student's full name
      • Each student's 7 digit SPS student ID#
      • The school each student attends

    Do you have a Firewall?

    If your Source log on page does not look like this, a firewall is blocking access:
    Image of Source login screen
    Could your firewall, including a firewall on a router, be blocking these vital ports?

    • 7443
    • 443 (HTTPS)
    • 8443

    If you're not sure, please click the following link,
    or copy and paste it in the address field of your browser:
    It should say: "It works!" on the page if the ports are not blocked.  If you do not get this message, you will need to adjust your firewall settings to allow access to the ports.

    Is Comcast your Internet Service Provider?

    If you have a Comcast router with high security settings, you need to select Minimum Security (Low).   Click here for information from Comcast that may help you adjust your settings.  Please contact Comcast directly if you feel more comfortable having them walk you through this over the phone.

    Are you trying to log on from work?

    Some employers have security measures in place that may block Source access.  If trying to log on from work, please try using a mobile device.  If you  cannot connect using your mobile device while at work, make sure you are not connected to your employer's WiFi. 

    Are you using a Smart phone or mobile device?

    Please do not try to download the PowerSchool APP.  It does not support SPS customization and resources.  Instead, please use a supported browser such as Chrome or Firefox and the Source URL:

    • Some Smart phone browsers are very new and not supported by the vendor.  Please review the list of supported browsers below, Firefox and Chrome seem to work best.
    • If you use SPS WiFi and have an old, stored password, you may need to clear it.

    If you accidentally attempt to install the PowerSchool APP, please completely remove it from your phone.  Android users may need to follow one of the two options below to remove the PowerSchool APP: 

    • From your Android select Settings, then APPs.  Choose the Menu (3 dots on the top right) and select Reset APP preferences.

    If the first suggestions does not work, try the following:

    • From your Android select Settings, then APPs.  Choose all APPs (on the extreme right), select Chrome, Clear Defaults.

    Managing Source Passwords Using Keychain Technology

    If you choose to use a Keychain to manage your Source password, at each log in, you may be asked if you would like to update the password.  In order to use the stored password, you must select not now.  SPS is unable to address problems parents and guardians may have with password storage software. 

    Assignment details out of order?

    When using an iPhone to view Source Grade Details, some users may notice their assignments are out of order.  To resolve this, simply refresh the screen by clicking the curved arrow symbol at the top of the screen, near the URL.

    Other possible issues:

    Do you have cookies enabled?

    Cookies must be enabled for and redirects.

    Is your browser up to date?

    Make sure you are using the most recent version of your browser to ensure you can log in successfully.

    NOTE: The vendor does not support Compatibility View on IE.

    Server error 500:

    This is an issue we have reported to the vendor.  When the error occurs, the application may display details about the errors which we cannot control, however, there is no personal information disclosed in that detail. If you get the message, please clear the cache on your browser, close it, reopen and try again.  Or try using a different browser.  These steps will typically resolve the problem.  We hope the vendor has a solution soon.

    Still Having Problems?

    If you are still having problems, please contact

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    Source Support