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    What is the District Ombudsperson?

    The District Ombudsperson serves as an independent liaison to assist SPS parents and community members in helping to resolve problems, complaints, conflicts, and other school-related issues when normal procedures have failed. The Ombudsperson office does not have authority and can only make recommendations. Information will be kept confidential at your request.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the District Ombudsperson is to ensure the process is followed and that all members of the Seattle Public Schools; community receive fair and equitable treatment in matters of concern or complaint.

    What does the District Ombudsperson do?

    • Assist with problem solving.
    • Serve as a resource to complainants by providing an alternative to the formal complaint process.
    • Assist complainants in clarifying the process regarding their issues and generating options for resolution.
    • Serve as a resource to school and Central administrators by providing the tools for effective problem resolution.
    • Make recommendations to Superintendent.
    • Hear anonymous requests for information and provide referrals.
    • Conduct informal interventions and mediation.

    What will the district Ombudsman NOT do?

    • Address employee grievances
    • Participate in litigation.
    • Make, set, or change policy.
    • Compel any decision or the implementation of recommendations made as a result of an informal investigation.
    • Breach confidentiality.
    • Act as an advocate.
    • Interfere with an appeal process including assisting or advising complainants.

    What types of issues will the District Ombudsperson handle?

    • Unfair treatment regarding the process.
    • Clarification of District policies, procedures and the complaint process.

    Do you have a concern or a question that you would like to submit to the Ombudsperson?

    Click here to submit a question or concern that you would like some further support with.