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    Supt. Dr. Larry Nyland's Letter regarding the 2016 Levies
    Seattle Public Schools Levies Information Brochure Winter 2016
    2016 Levies Summary and News Update
    FAQ regarding the 2016 Levies

    In Feb. 2016, Seattle voters will have the opportunity to vote on two Seattle Public Schools levies — an Operations Levy and a Capital Levy.

    The three-year Operations Levy replaces the current Operations Levy, which was approved by Seattle voters in 2013.

    The six-year Buildings, Technology and Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy replaces the BTA III capital levy approved by Seattle voters in 2010. BTA and will provide funds for upgrades and renovations of our aging school facilities on a planned and predictable timeline to help ensure a safe, secure teaching and learning environment.

    Nov. 18, 2015: Seattle School Board approves two levies for the February 9, 2016, special election ballot

    How levy projects are selected

    Oct. 28, 2015: School Board session to receive public comments on the BTA IV Capital Levy and Operations Levy

    A special School Board session is being held on Oct. 28 at 4:00 p.m. in the John Stanford Center Auditorium to take public comments on the BTA IV Capital Levy and Operations Levy.
    Those persons wishing to comment will be able to sign up in the auditorium prior to the beginning of the session and the comment period will be limited to two minutes.

    Oct. 21 2015: Materials submitted to the Seattle School Board

    The following materials were submitted at the Oct. 21, 2015, School Board meeting:
    Levies 2016 Presentation submitted to the School Board, October 2015
    BTA IV Proposed Projects Summary Submitted to the School Board, October 2015
    Levies 2016 Community Meeting Comments, September 2015 Final

    Community meetings: September 2015

    Seattle Public Schools hosted five community meetings in September to share information and answer questions about our upcoming Operations Levy and our Buildings, Technology,Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy. Both will be submitted to Seattle voters in February 2016.
    Materials and information from community meetings

    Tell us what you think

    We would like to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions about the capital levy. To send questions or comments, please email:, or call Tom Redman, Capital Communications, at 206-252-0655.

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