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    Science Adoption for Grades K-12

    In May 2018, Seattle Public Schools initiated an adoption process for instructional materials to support science in grades K through 12. 

    The instructional materials process will follow the Seattle Public Schools Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials, Policy No. 2015pdf icon.

    When approved by the Seattle School Board, the new instructional materials will be ready for implementation by the 2019-20 school year.

    A timeline and details may be found on the science adoption pages.

    SPS Racial Equity Analysis Tool

    It is the moral and ethical responsibility and a top priority for Seattle Public Schools to provide Equity Access and Opportunity for every student, and to eliminate racial inequity in our educational and administrative system.

    The Racial Equity Analysis Tool lays out a clear process and a set of questions to guide the development, implementation, and evaluation of significant policies, initiatives, professional development, programs, instructional practices, and budget issues to address the impacts on racial equity. The SPS Science Team has completed the Analysis Tool to guarantee an equity lens for the Adoption Process.

    Racial Equity Analysis Toolpdf icon


    Contact Us

    Adoption Coordinator
    MaryMargaret Welch
    Science Program Manager

    Instructional Materials Committee Meeting Notes

    May 10, 2018pdf icon
    May 31, 2018pdf icon
    June 8, 2018pdf icon

    6-8 Adoption Committee Meeting Notes

    June 9, 2018PDF icon
    June 13, 2018PDF icon
    September 8, 2018PDF icon
    September 28-29, 2018PDF icon
    October 4, 2018PDF icon
    October 20, 2018PDF icon
    November 6, 2018PDF icon
    December 13, 2018PDF icon

    9-12 Adoption Committee Meeting Notes

    October 27, 2018PDF icon
    November 13, 2018PDF icon
    November 15, 2018PDF icon
    November 17, 2018PDF icon
    November 30, 2018PDF icon
    December 1, 2018PDF icon
    December 15, 2018PDF icon
    December 18, 2018PDF icon