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    RULER: Promoting Emotional Literacy

    RULER is a social-emotional literacy curriculum developed by Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence. Early Learning spearheaded the adoption of this curriculum, which is now in use at 50 Seattle Public Schools elementary and middle schools.

    In order to manage one's emotions to successfully negotiate life experiences, whether at school, work or home, RULER promotes:

    • Recognizing
    • Understanding
    • Labeling
    • Expressing
    • Regulating

    The Anchors of Emotional Intelligence

    The Anchors of Emotional Intelligence are evidence-based tools designed to enhance the emotional intelligence of school leaders, teachers and staff, and students and their families.

    RULER includes four primary tools:

    • Charter
    • Mood Meter
    • Meta-Moment
    • Blueprint

    Teams of school leaders have attend multi-day RULER training sessions and have in turn shared this training with the rest of their school staff.

    The SPS Cabinet, Curriculum and Instruction department staff, representatives from community based organizations, Head Start and PreK staff have learned the 4 RULER “anchor tools” in order to promote system-wide emotional literacy training.

    The belief is that teachers and administrators cannot train students to manage their feelings and emotions if they have not first practiced these skills themselves.

    RULER on the Playground online training for staff

    The playground provides a great opportunity for students to practice social emotional skills. Staff on the playground can coach students to recognize and manage their feelings using the RULER tools. 

    This video has audio components, be sure to turn on your speakers or plug-in headphones before starting.

    Online RULER training for staff

    Our new RULER training below introduces you to Social Emotional Learning and the RULER Anchor Tools. All four Anchor Tools are presented, also included are classroom lesson demonstrations and teacher implementation tips.

    Social & Emotional Learning & RULER

    A Seattle Public Schools Video (5:52 min)

    Watch: 2 min video featuring Licton Springs K-8

    City of Seattle's Seattle Channel Feature on RULER

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