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    Seattle Public Schools Multi-Tiered System of Support

    “If we know every student by story, strength, and need, we can then tailor our academic and behavioral approaches to ensure every student graduates prepared to succeed in Seattle.”

    ~ Wyeth Jessee, Chief of Student Support Services

    A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) encompasses both the academic and social-emotional-behavioral demands of learning.

    Seattle Public Schools has made a shift in practice to emphasize integration of both academics and behavior as critical to student success. MTSS emphasizes the system of support, rather than interventions.

    MTSS is a key part of the SPS Formula for Success to support all learners and ensure equitable access to a robust, high quality education. MTSS provides a structure to address individual needs to maximize learning potential.

    Our work this year:

    This year, we will bolster and strengthen the systems and structures developed over the last two years to ensure every student has equitable access to high-quality instruction and support.

    We now have the structures in place (MTSS Teams, Homeroom, interim benchmark assessments etc.) for schools to monitor student data, make decisions about supports for students, and share instructional practices that are working.

    Support for implementing MTSS in schools will be provided through a tiered structure and aligned to each school's goals and needs.

    Year Two 2017-18 Highlights:

    Last year, we established systems and structures to improve data-driven instruction and support for ALL students:

    • Adoption of English Language Arts curriculum and textbooks for elementary
    • Field-tested Interim Benchmark Assessments for English Language Arts and Math in approximately 20 schools
    • Provided a student data portal called Homeroom to every school, in order to strengthen data inquiry and decision-making as part of MTSS
    • Provide targeted, individualized supports to a cohort of schools focused on that school's specific goals and opportunities to improve outcomes for students
    • Continued to grow and strengthen Positive Behavior Support and Intervention Strategies in approximately 60 schools

    Learn more about MTSS: