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    The SPS School-Family Partnerships
    Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committee

    Committee Members:

    Bernardo Ruiz; Alicia Sands; Andrea Bown; Annabel Quintero; Belen Gonzalez; Sara Bonneville; Michael Chan; Christine King; Emijah Smith; Emma Medicine White Crow; Heather Lecrone; Jill Petro; Jesse Johnson; Laura Gonzalez; Phyllis Lewis; Lisa Evans; Mayra Vargas; Meiqing Ye; Mindy Flores; Minjie Xiao; Monica Gonzalez; Narelle Glynn; Paulina Lopez; Robin Schwartz; Sherry Cai; Shuxian Situ; Sofia Deglel; Stephanie Jones; Andrea Taylor; Trinia Washington; Vera Brooks; Weiling Liao


    The Seattle School Board and Superintendent place a top priority in creating and maintaining a district-wide climate that encourages parent and family engagement.

    The goal is to develop and sustain partnerships that support student learning and positive child and youth development in all schools. The documents, Board Policy 4129 and Superintendent Procedure 4129SP, incorporate a series of procedures that set out expectations for the way that schools, and the School District, will relate to parents and families.

    Among other provisions, the policy establishes an on-going School-Family Partnership Advisory Committee (SFPAC) to advise the Superintendent in the implementation of the School-Family Partnership Policy.

    Committee Vision: SPS families working collaboratively as equal partners with schools to ensure high-quality education, academic success and socio-emotional development for each and every student.

    Committee Mission: The mission for the PAC is to be well-informed advocates, encourage meaningful family engagement at every one of our schools that is linked to student learning, and partner with the District to support educational equity and excellence for each and every child.