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    Superintendent Juneau smiles for a portrait

    From the Desk of Superintendent Juneau

    Denise Juneau is the 22nd superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, beginning her tenure with the district on July 1, 2018. Throughout her career in public education, Superintendent Juneau has championed equitable access to quality education. She is deeply committed to ensuring each Seattle Public Schools student graduates ready for college, career, and community.

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    • Juneau's Journal January 24

      Next month, Seattle Public Schools principals will receive their initial student enrollment numbers. These projections determine the number of classrooms and staffing needed for each school.
    • Juneau's Journal December 20

      Watch the December 20 edition of Juneau's Journal--an interview with Jeff Bronstein transportation manager.
    • Juneau's Journal December 6

      As we approach the end of 2019, we are starting the process of welcoming new members into our SPS family. We are excited to support our newest and youngest learners as they start classes next fall. But, the first step on their educational journey in Seattle Public Schools is just around the corner.
      Superintendent reads a book to young elementary school students in a school auditorium
    • Juneau's Journal November 22

      Watch the November 22 edition of Juneau's Journal.
    • Juneau's Journal November 8

      All students should feel safe and welcome at Seattle Public Schools. As part of our five-year strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, we are focused on creating inclusive environments that prepare students for college, a career, and community participation.
    • Juneau's Journal October 25

      Watch the October 25 message from Superintendent Juneau
    • Board Committee Decision on Revised Policy 2190

      Every student that walks through our doors should know that we believe in their giftedness and potential, and our policies and practices need to reflect this belief.
    • Juneau's Journal September 27

      Watch Superintendent Juneau's video production of her September 27, 2019 journal.
    • Juneau's Journal September 13

      Communities across the district came together to celebrate students as they returned to classrooms last week. As a part of our new strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, we are committed to creating warm and welcoming environments for our students, starting on the very first day of school.
      Superintendent and a group of students get ready to cut the ribbon at Lincoln High School. Students wear shirts with school logo.
    • Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year

      Each new school year offers so many possibilities and opportunities for students; new classes and teachers, reconnecting with friends, and finding wonder, success, and joy in learning. As a lifelong educator, I still get butterflies on the first day of school, anticipating all the great things to come.
      Superintendent Juneau reads a book to several students in a school courtyard.
    • Juneau Journal August 16

      During this summer “break” the learning never stopped. I’m proud to share the hard work that our teachers, district staff, and students did over the summer months to put the new strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, into practice.
    • Juneau's Journal July 5

      July 1 marked my one-year anniversary of leading Seattle Public Schools, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the Seattle Public Schools students, educators, families, staff, and community members for making this year remarkable.
    • A Year in Review: Message from Superintendent Juneau

      Last Thursday we closed out the 2018-19 school year. And today marks my one-year anniversary since taking the top job at Seattle Public Schools. I am so proud of the work we have accomplished together this year.
      Superintendent poses for a photo with teachers and students
    • Juneau's Journal June 28

      We did it! We’ve crossed the finish line of our first school year together. We’ve made incredible strides over the past nine months, and this week was no different.
    • Juneau's Journal June 21

      The end of the school year is almost here, and I am so proud of what we have all accomplished together.
    • Juneau's Journal June 14

      High school graduation is the closure of one life chapter and the start of a new one. My high school graduation certificate hangs proudly in my office. It is much more than a piece of paper — it is a visible reminder of how important high school graduation is to life success.
    • Juneau's Journal June 7

      The district’s new five-year strategic plan focuses our work on students furthest away from educational justice, beginning with African American males. While our primary goal next year is to make sure 100% of students can read by 3rd grade, staff will also continue work that supports warm and welcoming learning environments and culturally responsive staff.
    • Juneau's Journal May 31

      This week several memorable events took place. First, Garfield’s Girls Softball team won the State Class 3A Championship. They are the first Seattle Public Schools softball team to win top honors.
    • Juneau's Journal May 24

      As we wrap up the 2018-19 school year, we are already planning for the start of school next fall. Next September we will launch our new, 5-year strategic plan.
    • Juneau's Journal May 17

      This month, the central office is focused on self-care with the May Move-a-Thon. I am encouraging our entire SPS family and supporters to join in! Whether you are doing yoga, walking, kayaking, or mowing the lawn - any activity counts. Make sure to tag us @SeaPubSchools on Twitter and Instagram so we can see what you are up to.
    • Juneau's Journal May 10

      Thank you to the thousands of teachers in Seattle Public Schools for building strong relationships and unconditionally believing in your students. Thank you for helping them realize their dreams. I appreciate all of you.
    • Juneau's Journal May 3

      The legislative session in Olympia ended Sunday, April 28. Thank you to our hard-working Seattle legislative delegation, families, staff, and community partners who have been fighting hard to ensure our students have the supports and services they need.
    • Juneau's Journal April 26

      This week, schools across the district celebrated their volunteers during Public School Volunteer Week. There are about 25,000 people who volunteer in our 102 schools across the district each year, minute after minute, hour after hour. I want to express my appreciation for every member of our community who supports our students and educators by donating their time and talents in and out of classrooms.
    • Juneau's Journal April 19

      I want to personally thank each and every one of you that made it out to State of the District: Equity and Excellence this last Tuesday, April 16. We had a packed house at the Broadway Performance Hall at Seattle Central College and I feel fortunate to be in a community that truly values public education and the continued success and growth of our district.
    • Juneau's Journal April 5

      So many exciting things and successes are happening across the district, providing opportunities for students, educators, and families.
    • Juneau Journal March 29

      At the March 27 School Board meeting, Directors unanimously voted to approve the new Strategic Plan, setting the district’s course for the next five years. This Strategic Plan is a courageous statement to our community, our families, and our students. The plan reflects what I heard from our community and our shared commitment to racial equity and justice.
    • Juneau's Journal March 22

      Mark your calendars for this year's State of the District: Excellence and Equity event, set for Tues., April 16 at the Broadway Performance Hall of Seattle Central College
    • Juneau's Journal March 15

      Remember to recognize and thank classified staff during Classified School Employees Appreciation Week from March 11 -15. Classified staff are at the heart of our school communities. Classified staff support the smooth operation of offices, healthy nutrition, and direct instruction of students, and the safety and maintenance of district buildings and properties across our district.
      Photo of Superintendent Juneau and Lan Duong in standing next to the boiler.
    • Juneau's Journal March 8

      In March, our district celebrates Music in Our Schools Month, engaging educators, students, and our community around the benefits of high quality music education in schools.
      A student plays a string instrument in classroom
    • Juneau's Journal March 1

      Each day, Seattle Public Schools serves an average 6,000 breakfasts to young learners, fueling brains across the district. School nutrition professionals prepare meals each day that meet federal nutrition standards while offering a variety of locally sourced fruits and vegetables.
    • Juneau's Journal Feb. 15

      Thank you Seattle Voters! I would like to extend my thanks to the Seattle community and voters for their continued support of Seattle Public Schools students, staff, and schools this Tuesday in the special elections.
    • Juneau's Journal Feb. 8

      At the February 6 School Board Meeting, the Board unanimously passed a resolution to declare that the lives of black students matter, as well as the lives of all of Seattle Public Schools’ underserved students, and encouraged district-wide participation in the national Black Lives Matter At School Week.
    • Juneau's Journal Feb. 1

      Every February, the nation honors Black History Month by recognizing the countless contributions, achievements, and rich traditions of African Americans throughout history and today.
      Photo of John Stanford
    • Juneau's Journal Jan. 25

      At the January 23 School Board meeting, I had the honor of recognizing and celebrating our seven School Board Directors in observance of School Board Recognition Month.
    • Juneau's Journal Jan. 18

      I continue to be inspired by the vision put forth by Dr. King, and the countless men and women who stood beside him in solidarity and in hope for a better future, particularly for the youngest among us. I know that Seattle Public Schools is poised for greatness, in part because of the commitment to and solidarity for racial justice and equity in this community. As we remember Dr. King, let us not forget that “the time is always right to do what is right.”
    • Juneau's Journal Jan. 11

      The Strategic Plan Steering Committee and I are proud to share with you the draft 2019 Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan, posted on the district website, along with a form that will allow you to submit your feedback on elements of the plan.
      Photo of Denise Juneau in front of the Seattle skyline with Space Needle visible
    • Juneau's Journal Dec. 21

      I cannot begin to describe how tremendously proud I am to be leading Seattle Public Schools. It has been an honor to travel to schools across the city over the past four months and witness outstanding teaching and learning. I am thankful for the dedication of our school board, staff, families, and students and their commitment to working together to create a great future for our young people and community.
    • Juneau's Journal Dec. 14

      This past weekend, I spent my Friday evening and Saturday in the most valuable way I can imagine, surrounded by a group of young scholars in grades 9-12 who comprise the superintendent’s Student Advisory Board (SAB).
    • Juneau's Journal Dec. 7

      Recently, I spoke with school leaders at this month’s Learning Leadership Day about the urgency of response when discriminatory actions occur; acknowledging the occurrence and its impact on students and families; and determining the right way to move forward in assuring safe learning environments for our young scholars.
      Instatute attendees sit together in school commons
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 30

      This fall I launched a comprehensive Listening and Learning Tour as part of my entry plan. I met with many of you, in schools and in community. My goal was to build a longer table, inviting new voices and perspectives to the conversation and intentionally engaging with families and students the district has historically underserved. I want to thank you for welcoming me to Seattle and sharing your ideas and personal stories.
      Superintendent Juneau smiles for a photo with her name and title below
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 16

      As the leaves change colors, the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder, we are all reminded that November is a time for expressing gratitude.
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 9

      I would like to send a wholehearted thank you to all veterans in our Seattle Public Schools family and community, especially those who are parents, guardians, mentors, role models, and educators for our students. Seattle Public Schools is proud of its veterans and we thank you for your service.
      Leonard Young sits at his desk and smiles for a photo.
    • Juneau's Journal Nov. 2

      I'd like to honor the safe spaces being created across the district, in schools, and in classrooms. Only through relationship and understanding can we root out intolerance. During school visits this week, I witnessed students engaged in critical conversations; being exposed to new ideas and challenging their own thinking.
      Superintendent and student talk in a classroom together
    • Juneau's Journal Oct. 26

      Seattle Public Schools serves a diverse school community. We are dedicated to creating welcoming environments where each students feel safe and their differences are celebrated. Seattle Public Schools has a long history of supporting and advocating for LGBTQ students, staff, and families.

    • Juneau's Journal Oct. 19

      With about 53,000 students, Seattle Public Schools teaches not just to the student, but to the whole person. To educate the whole child, we celebrate that each student is unique; arriving to school each day with their own backgrounds, interests, strengths, and challenges.
      Pictured with Northgate Elementary Principal Dedy Fauntleroy (c.) and school nutrition superheroes Michelle Thompson (l.) and Theamanda Bekris (r.)
    • Juneau's Journal Oct 12

      The week of Oct. 8, I visited several schools including Franklin High School where I had the opportunity to meet student body representatives Ashleen and Gabi, see the amazing work at Cleveland's health center, and observe students at Washington Middle School explore college and careers during Discover U week.

      Superintendent Juneau with two students smile for a picture
    • Superintendent Juneau Listening and Learning Tour

      Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau is embarking on a comprehensive Listening and Learning Tour to gather an understanding of the district's strengths, challenges, and what is most important for her to consider as plans are developed for the district's future.

      Superintendent Juneau
    • Juneau's Journal Oct. 5

      Getting students to and from school is top of mind for me. Like many of you, I am frustrated that the start of school hasn’t been smooth for all of our students and families. Our students deserve timely, safe, and predictable transportation to and from school.

    • Juneau's Journal Sept. 28

      "I am so thankful for the students, families, and community partners who have taken time out of their busy schedules to meet and share their stories about Seattle Public Schools. I appreciate our community's commitment to making our schools a positive, nurturing, and rigorous learning environment for all students."
      Superintendent Juneau with Mayor Durken and Mia Williams
    • Juneau's Journal Sept 21 2018

      I am excited to share with you that applications are now open for my new Student Advisory Board. The Superintendent's Student Advisory Board will be formed of student representatives from each high school and will provide me and the district with unique perspectives, reflective of the district's diversity.
      Superintendent talks with students at a table
    • Juneau's Journal Sept 14 2018

      "This week I started my official weekly visits to the incredible schools in our district."
      Superintendent Juneau with a teacher and students in the classroom
    • Juneau's Journal Sept 7 2018

      "This week has been one of many firsts for me as the new superintendent of Seattle Public Schools." Read Superintendent's update from the first week of the 2018-19 school year.