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    How does a student become eligible for Special Education?

    The basic sequence leading to eligibility is referral then evaluation. A referral must be made in writing to the District. This triggers communication with the parents, gathering of existing records and review. Assuming the District finds sufficient evidence to support evaluation and the parents/guardians give written consent, it is scheduled. The results are then used to determine eligibility.

    Who can make a referral?

    Each child is a member of a community supporting their growth and learning. This community is comprised of parents or guardians, extended family, teachers, medical professionals, community members, and/or agencies. Any concerned member of a child’s community can refer them to the District for evaluation.

    Where do I begin?

    • For birth to three years of age contact Within Reach of Washington State toll free at 800-322-2588.
    • For three to twenty-one years of age and NOT ENROLLED in Seattle Public Schools Contact Seattle Public Schools Child Find.
    • For three to twenty-one years of age and ENROLLED in Seattle Public Schools communicate with your student’s school staff about Pre-Referral and Referral.
    • For three to twenty-one years of age and transferring into Seattle Public Schools from another district with an IEP: Enroll your child in the District through the admissions department. Tell admissions that your student has an IEP. If possible, bring a copy of your student’s most recent IEP and evaluation. This will begin the out of District placement process.