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    Seattle Public Schools Option Schools

    Seattle Public Schools has a number of option schools that families can request during Open Enrollment. Students apply to attend an option school. No one is automatically assigned (other than those continuing throughout their years at the school.)

    Option schools typically have GeoZones. Option schools also have Transportation Zones, indicating where students are expected to walk to school and where the district provides transportation.

    Learn more on our enrollment page for School Choice and Open Enrollment.

    School Choice and Open Enrollment

    Louisa Boren STEM K-8 School

    School Profile

    Louisa Boren STEM K-8 School Website

    Louisa Boren STEM K-8 STEM offers a rounded curriculum incorporates science, technology, engineering and math.

    Cedar Park Elementary School

    School Profile

    Cedar Park Elementary Website

    Listed as a Seattle landmark, Cedar Park was built in 1959 and has been leased to an Art Community for the past 30 years. The building is a SPS Building Excellence project that will renovate and modernize the building, including updates to building systems, and structural upgrades for earthquake safety and to comply with current codes. In November 2016, the School Board voted to designate Cedar Park as an option school.

    The Center High School

    School Profile

    The Center High School Website

    The Center School High School is a rigorous, college-prep, academic curriculum focused on the arts and community engagement.

    Grover Cleveland STEM High School

    School Profile

    Grover Cleveland STEM High School Website

    Cleveland STEM High School offers a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program, with a focus on project-based learning and 1:1 technology.

    Licton Springs K-8 School (formerly Pinehurst)

    School Profile

    Licton Springs K-8 School Website

    Licton Springs K-8 combines a Native-centered curriculum with Pinehurst's experience-based, multicultural, social justice education.

    F.A. McDonald International Elementary School

    School Profile

    F.A. McDonald International Elementary School Website

    McDonald International Elementary is a language immersion school, (offering instruction in Spanish and Japanese in addition to English), offering a curriculum infused with global awareness and cultural competence at every grade level.

    Orca K-8 School

    School Profile

    Orca K-8 School Website

    ORCA K-8 offers a unique, hands-on environmental science program, a progressive approach to education, with social, emotional, and project based learning, all leading to its capstone Social Justice and Film Academies for the upper grades.

    Pathfinder K-8 School

    School Profile

    Pathfinder K-8 School Website

    Pathfinder K-8 offers an expeditionary Learning, classroom loops and multi-age classrooms, and curriculum that weaves in outdoor education and field work.

    Queen Anne Elementary School

    School Profile

    Queen Anne Elementary School Website

    Queen Anne Elementary follows QAE's Five Pillars with a technology focus. As a Creative Approach School (CAS), joining Project Based Learning (PBL) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Five Pillars.

    Salmon Bay K-8 School

    School Profile

    Salmon Bay K-8 School Website

    Salmon Bay K-8 an alternative school with specialists in the arts, physical education, library and literacy who enhance the school's ability to implement a whole child approach to education that balances the academic, physical, and social/emotional needs of students.

    South Shore PreK-8 School

    School Profile

    South Shore K-8 School Website

    South Shore PreK-8 serves students across a 10-year educational span that focuses on social-emotional learning and wellness, high quality academics, innovative math and science opportunities, and specialty classes in arts, music and Mandarin.

    John Stanford International Elementary School

    School Profile

    John Stanford International Elementary School at Latona Website

    John Stanford International Elementary offers a rounded elementary school curriculum with dual-language immersion programs in Spanish and Japanese.

    Thornton Creek Elementary School

    School Profile

    Thornton Creek Elementary School Website

    Thornton Creek Elementary Project- and theme-based curriculum that emphasizes the development of both knowledge and character using expeditionary learning.

    TOPS K-8 School

    School Profile

    TOPS K-8 School Website

    TOPS K-8 offers an alternative K-8 school dedicated to giving our students a complete education while emphasizing themes of social justice and citizenship.

    Hazel Wolf K-8 School

    School Profile

    Hazel Wolf K-8 School Website

    Hazel Wolf K-8 offers a rounded program with a focus on environmental science. (E-STEM)