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    SPS is following guidelines from OSPI in limiting nonessential visitors and volunteers to our schools.  At this time, we are only engaging remote/virtual volunteers and volunteers supporting approved outdoor education pilots (details below). We look forward to the day we can welcome volunteers back into our schools! 

    Health and safety of students and staff is our priority. At this time, targeted and limited utilization of volunteers to support approved Outdoor Education Pilots is permitted if the following safety guards are in place: 

    • In-person volunteer supports must be approved by the school leader and/or COVID Site Supervisor.

    • Individuals approached to volunteer must have an approved volunteer application as determined by the school’s Volunteer Program Liaison.

    • Required health protocols and procedures training must be completed by any volunteer assisting in any capacity for in-person volunteer service.

    • All volunteers serving in person must comply with the Department of Health (DOH) and Seattle King County Public Health guidelines and the District’s corresponding Student Health and Safety Guidelines.

    • Volunteers must sign a waiver to document their understanding of risks and commitment to following health and safety protocols. 


    A. Enhancing safety 

    Schools can enhance student safety during Outdoor Education Pilots by creating targeted volunteer roles. 

    • Identify a need

    • Define volunteer role and shifts

    • Will the volunteer's presence/role contribute to increasing student safety?

    • Who will the volunteer report to? 


    B. COVID Site Supervisor approval

    The school leader and/or COVID Site Supervisor must approve staff plans to engage volunteers in Outdoor Education support to consider their presence in the overall safety plan for the school. School leaders have discretion in deciding how or when volunteers can be utilized.


    C. Volunteer application process

    All SPS volunteer, whether remote or in-person, must first complete the online application process and be approved by their school’s Volunteer Program Liaison.



    D. Volunteer training

    Health and Safety protocols training is available to volunteers approved to support schools in-person.

    • Online training is offered by the Volunteer Services Program Administrator to Outdoor Education Pilot volunteers referred by the school’s Volunteer Program Liaison.

    • Schools may also offer on-site training as well. Please contact your school’s Volunteer Program Liaison for more information.


    E. Health and Safety Guidelines

    Outdoor Education Pilot volunteers must comply with the following safety protocols to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19:

    1. Arrive for your volunteer shift wearing a mask. Mask should fit above the nose and below the chin. Wear your mask at all times.

    2. Complete a paper health screening sign-in before each volunteer shift.  

    3. After sign-in, report directly to the assigned staff member or supervisor. Remain in areas necessary to perform your volunteer assignments.  

    4. Maintain six-feet physical distancing.

    5. Sanitize or wash hands on arrival, after outside activities, after sneezing or coughing, after using the restroom, and before leaving your shift and per instructions on hand washing signage.

    6. Follow additional COVID Site Supervisor requirements and staff instructions.

    For additional information, please visit


    E. Volunteer waiver

    Volunteer Program Liaisons will share this document with prospective volunteers. We are also working on incorporating it into our online volunteer application system.