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    Getting Started with Technology for Remote Learning
    Posted on 09/06/2020

    Getting Started with Technology for Remote Learning

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    The Strong Start week, September 4-11, gives us time to test out the technology, work out the issues, and focus on relationships and building community — all to ensure a smooth 2020-21 school year.

    In addition to the many how-to guides found on this page, Seattle Public Schools offers students and families technology support by phone, email or in-person.

    Restart District Devices to Install Updates

    Seattle Public Schools completed a system update on Friday, September 4, for all district-issued devices. In order to install updates to your student's device, you will need to help complete a couple steps. Read about the Update Steps for Student Devices.


    Getting Started with Your District-issued Device

    After charging your laptop or iPad, please follow these steps to set up your device for the first time.

    Elementary students with Amazon donated Chromebooks Please see our "Welcome to your new Chromebook" flyer to see some set up tips. pdf icon


    How Students Access Remote Learning Tools

    Seattle Public Schools has many digital tools to support student learning. Watch a video that shows you how to access Clever, Schoology, and many student online tools.

    Students Use Clever the student portal to access online tools


    Student Username and Password

    Most student usernames look like this 1jwsmith
    ('1,' first name initial, middle name initial, last name).
    You can find your student's username on your parent Source account. Learn more about the Source.

    Forgotten Password

    If students have forgotten their password, they can ask their teacher, school librarian, or our tech support team to help reset it.

    Clever the Student Portal

    Through Clever the student portal, students can access Office 365, Schoology, Seesaw, and more.

    Student Login for Clever


    Schoology is our online classroom. Students do not create Schoology accounts, they are members by being enrolled in the class. Students can either login directly to Schoology or access through Clever the Student Portal. Students use their student username and password to access Schoology.

    Student username will look like:


    Seesaw is an online platform for our youngest students. Preschool and elementary school teachers may choose to use Seesaw or Schoology for their students. Students access Seesaw through Clever the Student Portal. Students use their student username and password to access Clever.

    Student username will look like:

    Login to Seesaw

    Teams and Student Email

    Microsoft Teams is used districtwide to support remote learning for online meetings. All students have been issued student email accounts this spring. Students will access their email and Teams by logging into their Office 365 account.

    Student email look like this

    Student Email Checklist PDF icon

    Student Teams Checklist PDF icon

    Teams for Students


    Access to Internet and Devices

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to ensuring all students in the district have access to a device and internet service. The district is providing each student with a grade appropriate device and/or laptop.

    Families may also choose to "bring your own device" if their student has a laptop they prefer to use for remote learning.

    If you do not have a device or internet service for your student, please reach out to your principal or teacher. Schools are contacting families directly about device pick up.

    Learn more about the district student device program.

    Get Help with Technology

    Students and families can get technology support by phone, email or in-person.

    In Person at a Technology Resource Center: Currently three (3) temporary technology resource centers are open to support students and families with technology access.

    On September 14, the district is launching additional temporary technology resource centers. At the temporary technology resource centers, families can get help with using their SPS laptop or iPad, help accessing remote learning tools (Seesaw, Schoology, etc.), and ask general technology questions. Learn more and find Technology Resource Center locations.

    By email or phone: You can also reach out with questions to the tech support team.

    Contact the tech support team


    You can find more tips and resources on our Technology Supports for Families webpage.