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    School Board Approves State Required Reopening Plan
    Posted on 08/13/2020
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    School Board Approves State Required Reopening Plan

    Every district in Washington state must adopt, through board resolution, a reopening plan following the template provided by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), and then file that plan with OSPI and the State Board of Education.

    OSPI's Reopening Plan Template covers a variety of student health and academic needs that must be addressed in order to reopen school in Fall 2020, including but not limited to: health screening plans, physical distancing, meals to students, school cleaning, a school calendar that meets state instructional hours requirements, grading policy, technology, family engagement, and professional learning for educators. The reopening plan is a living document and will be adjusted as our context and the transmission of COVID-19 shifts.

    On August 12, the school board approved via resolution the OSPI Reopening Plan Template, which includes a remote start to the 2020-21 school year for most students with exceptions for students receiving special education services in alignment with Individualized Education Programs. Some in-person instruction may be provided if it is determined that special education services can be provided safely, and services cannot be accessed successfully through remote learning. It is the recommendation of staff and the school board that the district continues this remote model until the risk of significant transmission of COVID-19 cases has decreased enough to resume in-person instruction.

    Also approved as part of the Board action:


    Elementary: The district will use student progress reports that include traditional standards with robust teacher comments so that families understand their student’s progress.

    Middle school and High School: A through C- or Incomplete will be the grading approach for 2020-21. This model allows teachers to communicate student progress towards standards while supporting all students, especially students of color furthest from educational justice, to graduate on-time and become career and college ready during the remote school re-opening.

    Curriculum Pilot

    Middle school (6th - 8th grade) ELA curriculum materials, including digital resources, and accompanying professional development will be purchased and piloted. In addition, a curriculum review revealed a digital resources deficiency in the adopted 6th - 8th grade math curriculum. We will be upgrading the 2020 enVision curriculum in order to receive the accompanying digital resources.

    Two New Task Force Committees

    The approved board resolution includes two task force committees.

    Outdoor education: One to "study with urgency the feasibility of, and make recommendations related to, the implementation of community schools and outdoor education in Seattle Public Schools."

    The work of this task force will be centered in the Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan and in the principles of being an anti-racist organization and will specifically focus on the interests of students furthest from educational justice.

    Monitoring Progress, Implementation, and Efficacy: The second task force will be formed to "to monitor progress, implementation, and efficacy of the reopening plan and remote learning model, and to advise the Board and Superintendent throughout the 2020-21 school year on possible revisions and continuous improvements."

    Bargaining Continues

    SPS continues to bargain working conditions related to the reopening plan.

    Read the OSPI Reopening Plan Template

    You can review the board approved OSPI Reopening Plan Template and related resolution including additional commitments on the school board meeting agenda document.



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