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    Strategic Plan Priority: Culturally Responsive Workforce

    Yellow globe iconDevelop a culturally responsive workforce so teachers, leaders, and staff will effectively support students and families.

    We will recruit a diverse workforce representative of our broader community using proven local and national best practices and focus on the retention of educators of color. We will also continue to develop culturally responsive mindsets and capabilities with all team members so there is a warm, welcoming environment in every classroom, school, and throughout central office to support student learning.


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    2019-20 Focus Goal
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    Culturally Responsive

    Staff will improve their culturally responsive professional practice

    Measures Used to Evaluate Success

    • Cultural responsiveness training completion
    • School and central office staff working condition surveys
    • Student and family culture and climate surveys
    • Equitable access to services (i.e., special education, English language learners, and highly capable)


    The diversity of staff and leadership at schools and central office will increase

    Measures Used to Evaluate Success

    • Staff demographics
    • Recruitment, selection, and retention of staff of color