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    Resolutions Adopted by the Board

    2019/21-1 Certifying the Chief Sealth High School (Southwest Athletic Complex) Track and Field Improvement project as complete

    2019/20-3 Certifying the Wing Luke Elementary School Phase I Project as complete

    2019/20-4 Certifying Contract K1304 with Acc-U-Set Construction, Inc. for the Relocation and Setup of Portable Classrooms at Multiple School Sites Project as complete

    2019/20-5 Accepting the Building Commissioning Report by Wood Harbinger for the BEX IV / BTA III Program, Loyal Heights Elementary School Project Modernization and Addition project as part of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Form-D11 Application to Release Retainage Bond

    2019/20-6 Certifying the Loyal Heights Elementary School Modernization and Addition Project as complete

    2019/20-7 Certifying Contract P1448 with KCDA-Williams Scotsman, Inc. for the Move/Setup of Portable Classroom Modules at Multiple School Sites 

    2019/20-8 Certifying Contract K5093 with KCDA-Williams Scotsman, Inc. for the Relocation and Setup of Portable Classrooms at Multiple School Sites

    2019/20-9 Certifying Arbor Heights Phase II Project as complete

    2019/20-11 BEX IV Building Commissioning Report for Cascadia, Robert Eagle Staff, Licton Springs School project

    2019/20-17 Certifying collection of 2020 Levy funds

    2019/20-18 Certifying new facilities/additions to Kimball, Northgate, Viewlands Elementary Schools Replacement Project

    2019/20-19 Designating those persons newly elected November 5, 2019 to the Seattle School Board as representatives of the district for the Annual Conference of the Washington State School Directors' Association

    2019/20-20  Final Acceptance of Contract P5034 with Lydig Construction Inc. for the Wilson Pacific Elementary & Middle Schools (Cascadia Elementary, Robert Eagle Staff Middle, and Licton Springs K-8) project

    2019/20-21 New-in-Lieu Replacement Option for Rainier Beach HS Replacement project

    2019/20-23 Declaring that the lives of black students matter; and, that we encourage participation district-wide in the national Black Lives Matter At School Week from February 3-7, 2020

    2019/20-25 Refinance 2010 Limited General Obligation refunding bonds

    2019/20-28 Resolution on Inclusion for Our LGBTQIA+ Students, Staff, and Community

    2019/20-29 Suspending Board policies to facilitate implementation of emergency measures in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

    2019/20-30 Acceptance of the Building Commissioning Report for the Magnolia Elementary School Renovation and Addition project

    2019/20-31 Award Contract P5142 to Lydig for the Northgate Elementary Replacement

    2019/20-32 Acceptance of Building Commissioning Report for Lincoln HS

    2019/20-33 Suspending State and Local Graduation Requirements in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

    2019/20-35 Oppose Landmark Nomination of Rainier Beach HS

    2019/20-36 To affirm the district’s continuous learning plan and support the district’s application to the State Department of Education to waive lost instructional hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic

    2019/20-37 Fixing and Adopting the 2020-21 Budget

    2019/20-38 Affirming SPS Commitment to Black students