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    Buildings, Technology, and Athletics (BTA I) Capital Levy

    Levy amount: $150 million
    Approved: February 1998 by Seattle voters

    This first BTA Capital Levy funded more than 465 small and large facility projects at every school in the city. The projects included safety and security upgrades, roof and window replacements, and technology and athletic field upgrades. The "A" in BTA I stood for Athletics. Future BTA levies expanded the "A" in BTA to be Academics and Athletics.


    • Replaced the most critical roofs
    • Continued the seismic mitigation program started in the early 1980s
    • Replaced windows to protect the building and improve energy efficiency
    • Provided life safety improvements
    • Upgraded fire alarms
    • Provided better ADA access, including elevators
    • Performed selected hazardous materials abatement to reduce future maintenance cost
    • Replaced heat pumps that will be at the end of their useful life to improve energy efficiency and reduce repair and maintenance costs
    • Improved science and art facilities in all secondary schools.


    • Provided power upgrades to replace worn systems and support technology
    • Upgraded technology to provide data network infrastructure and telephones/intercoms to all classrooms and offices


    • Upgraded athletic facilities and fields at several high schools
    • Improved gymnasiums at secondary schools