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    Helping Your Child With Writing

    • Read aloud to your child from a variety of sources (books, poems, signs, ads, letters  etc.).

    • If your child is just beginning to write then help them hold the writing tool and write the words together.

    • Write notes to your child and leave them around on a message board or somewhere where they can find them.

    • Have lots of different types of paper and writing instruments around for your child to use (blank paper, lined paper, crayons, felt tips etc.).

    • Let your child see you write in various forms such as letters, lists and messages.

    • If you are going on a trip of any sort then help your child keep a journal of what happens. Your child can add pictures to this journal.

    • As you read your child’s writing talk about specific things you like about it such as the great words they chose, the ideas they wrote about or the voice the writing has.

    Praise your child’s writing as they begin to capture their thoughts in written form.