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    What is Career Connected Learning? 

    We are a career awareness program for rising Seattle students to explore careers, meet a variety of industry professionals, and build an initial career and education plan. Students can become involved through service-learning projects, work experience, and internships. 

    Career connected learning can be as simple as a businessperson visiting a classroom, talking about what they do. Or a job shadow where a young person learns more about an occupation or business. Or in some cases it can be an internship, or a registered apprenticeship, where youth are paid while they learn hands-on skills.

    Career Connected Learning Coordinators exist to provide students with information on careers, post-secondary education opportunities, administer career assessment tools, plan on site presentations and workshops, managing communication, and organize career fairs.

    At Seattle Public Schools we are committed to providing students with the most relevant career experiences that teach students transferable skills.

    Career connected learning can be broken down into four categories (Each category should be meaningful and lead to further career opportunities.):

    (1) Career Connection: A students first step to making career decisions is connect with local business partners. Connections are made with business professionals during field trips, one day job-shadows or through networking at career fairs. 
    (2) Career Exploration: Early exposure opportunities to various careers options and career specific instruction at work-sites (e.g. self-assessments, work site tours, etc.). 
    (3) Career Launch:Work based programs with aligned classroom learning that culminate in a post-secondary credential, producing a competitive candidate for meaningful employment. 
    (4) Career Support: Removing barriers, overcoming obstacles, and working towards supporting all students in discovering their career passions. 

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    Career connected learning can take many forms, but they all take students from awareness to action by putting them in direct contact with professionals in the field. Some examples include:

    Please visit your high school Career Connected Learning Coordinator (CCLC) to find out more about the above opportunities available to you.

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