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    P223 - Enrollment Data by School

    The P223 Enrollment Data for Basic Enrollment report is required by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), and is a summary of all K - 12 students enrolled on the first school day of each school month (or the fourth school day of September). The P223 is reported to OSPI at the school and grade level by the Department of Technical Services (DoTS) Business Intelligence group. The reports below contain all students included in the monthly P223 with the addition of information on all Preschool students, Bilingual students, and Special Education students actively enrolled on the P223 count date, also disaggregated by school and grade. The data presented are the “Pre-Adjusted” student counts initially reported to OSPI. Adjustments to student data occur regularly; total counts reported on the OSPI website may not match the preadjusted data reported here. The last page of each report summarizes the Districtwide enrollment counts, and the ‘P223 Total’ data columns reflect what is reported to OSPI. Please select the Month and Year on the menu below.

    P223 - 2020-2021 by month
    September 2020
    October 2020
    November 2020
    December 2020

    P223 - 2019-2020 by month
    September 2019
    October 2019
    November 2019
    December 2019
    January 2020
    February 2020
    March 2020
    April, May and June 2020: Effective March 13, 2020, OSPI suspended P223 enrollment reporting for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year due to the COVID-19 crisis.

    P223 - 2018-2019 by month
    September 2018     
    October 2018         
    November 2018      
    December 2018      
    January 2019          
    February 2019       
    March 2019            
    April 2019              
    May 2019
    June 2019               

    P223 - 2017-2018 by month
    September 2017     
    October 2017         
    November 2017      
    December 2017       
    January 2018         
    February 2018        
    March 2018           
    April 2018            
    May 2018              
    June 2018              

    P223 - 2016-2017 by month

    September 2016
    October 2016
    November 2016
    December 2016
    January 2017
    February 2017
    March 2017
    April 2017
    May 2017
    June 2017

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