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    How to Read Previous Drinking Water Test Results

    School - Schools are identified by the building name rather than the program name, e.g. Summit K-12 is listed as Addams. Results are provided for buildings that no longer exist or that have since been renovated or relocated (please see footnote for individual schools).

    Sample Location - The sample location number correlates with the Fountain ID Number and Location in School from Table 3 of the results of water quality testing currently available on the District web site. Sample location number 99 indicates that the sample was collected at the building inlet.

    Fixture Type - The terms bubbler and fountain are used interchangeably.

    Sample Type - First draw results are for concentrations measured in the first 250 mL of water from the bubbler that has stood in the piping and fixture for between 8 and 18 hours. Flushed results are from concentrations measured in a 250 mL sample collected after running the bubbler for 30 seconds.

    Phase I Results - Phase I included the testing of drinking water from 85 District sites. Samples from 1152 water sources were collected and analyzed for lead during the summer of 1990. Phase I represented a worst case scenario because water at most sites had been standing for several weeks. Phase I was conducted by District personnel. Results are reported in parts per billion (ppb).

    Phase II Results - Phase II included the testing of drinking water from 80 District sites. 2700 water samples from more than 1400 bubblers were collected and analyzed from lead from September 1990 through November 1990. Phase II was conducted by Economic and Engineering Services, Inc.

    Phase III and Phase IV did not include testing - Phase III was to identify bubblers with the lowest lead content and Phase IV was to replace all bubblers that had lead levels at or above 20 ppb.

    Phase V Results - Between September 1992 and December 1992 follow-up sampling and analysis was conducted on all the replaced bubblers. Additional sampling was conducted on bubblers where Phase II analysis revealed levels between 15-20 ppb lead. Samples were also taken at new and renovated schools where no Phase II testing was done. A total of 633 samples were taken.

    Phase VI Results - Phase VI was conducted between January 1993 and February 1993. Phase VII Results - Water samples collected by District personnel between 2001 and 2002.