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    Seattle Public Schools Native Education
    Title Vl, Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
    Thursday January 13, 2019
    Meany Middle School
    301 21st Ave E, Room 46 (Huchoosedah Office)
    Seattle, WA 98112
    Meeting Minutes

    Attendees: Emma Medicine White Crow, Shana Brown, Robyn Magnin, Tonia Galindo, Kyle Kinoshita, Gail Morris, Kay Fiddler,


    • Chandra Hampson – strategic plan – thanks for recommendations. Perhaps we can ask more native families for input and more feedback. Monday, Jan 28th graham hill elementary, 1 hour meeting. Motion to make document public (website and Facebook and ask for feedback): robin, second: Shana – motion passed
    • Feedback from Kyle for PAC letter to Michael Tolley regarding – be a learner and listen deeply to learn about this subject. People struggle to understand cultural appropriation and the fact that Tribes have the right to tell their own story through curriculum. It is an ongoing discussion. Hard for them to understand, they don’t disagree. Native curriculum will not be written by non-Native people. What happens when this does happen?
    • Norms discussion – What does it mean to show respect at a meeting? What does protocol mean to any of us? Robin is resigning as the elder on the committee (note: This position isn't part of our bylaws) staying on as member-at-large. Can some meetings at the Stanford center?
    • Agenda: How to contribute? Email
    • Request that communications go out prior to meeting
    • Gail Morris updates - skipped

    Meeting ended at 6:15pm
    Next meeting, February 14, 2019 (update: this meeting cancelled due to weather)