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    Please Read Carefully Before Applying

    Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 school closure for Seattle Public Schools, EEK evaluation dates are tentative and subject to change. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

    What you should know about Early Entrance to Kindergarten (EEK)

    Who is eligible to participate in early entrance testing in the spring?

    Washington state and Seattle Public School legally require that students entering kindergarten in the fall must have turned five years of age on or before August 31 of the enrollment year. EEK is an exception for those turning five years old between September 1 and October 31.

    To assure that your child will be more likely to have a great first year of school, he/she will be expected to meet standards at least six months above his/her age in all areas assessed.

    What is considered in the evaluation?

    The dimensions that will be observed by the kindergarten teachers during the evaluation include the following: Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, and Mathematics. Examples can be found here: WaKids Gold Objectives and Dimensions

    How long does the evaluation take?

    The evaluation lasts about 1.5 hours.

    Can I have my child independently tested?

    No, outside testing is not accepted.

    If my child gets too tired, or cannot complete the evaluation, what happens?

    If your child is unable to remain with the teachers for the full evaluation, or isn't able to co-operate with them, they will not have a full evaluation and will not be a candidate for Early Entrance to Kindergarten.

    What is the evaluation process for determining student eligibility for early entrance into kindergarten?

    Early Entrance to Kindergarten is a two part evaluation. The first part of the evaluation is a social emotional screener completed by both the family and preschool teacher. Based on the outcome of this screener, your student may go on to participate in an evaluation with highly qualified kindergarten teachers. They will observe how each child interacts in a classroom environment and complete a basic check of each child's readiness skills.

    How will we learn of the results of the evaluation?

    Results will be sent to parents via email approximately a week after the evaluation. If there is no email address, results will be sent via US Postal Service. The notification will have one of the following possible outcomes:
    • The student did not demonstrate the needed readiness skills and is not eligible for early entrance into kindergarten, or
    • The student did demonstrate the needed readiness skills and is eligible for a four (4) week trial in kindergarten

    What if my child doesn't meet standards for Early Entrance, and I do not believe the scores represent my child's kindergarten readiness skills?

    Submit a letter or email to Advanced Learning office of your intention to appeal. Utilize the report form received with your decision to guide your appeal, then provide evidence of kindergarten readiness in the areas noted as "not ready" on the score report.

    Parents and guardians can submit an appeal. Only students who have a completed preschool teacher survey and in person teacher evaluation may appeal. Appeals will considered one week after notification and resolved by date to be determined.

      If found eligible to enter kindergarten early, how do I enroll my child for a four week trial?

      Eligible students submit enrollment forms to the Admissions office in the lobby of the John Stanford Center at 2445 Third Avenue South (3rd and Lander), in Mid-August, from 8:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. If your child is found to be eligible, then see the Admissions Center webpage for enrollment forms.

      Early Entrance to Kindergarten Application

      You may apply with our online form or by submitting a paper copy.

      Apply online


      Application you can print at home and submit: