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    Teacher walk out, no school May 19
    Posted on 05/05/2015
    The Seattle Education Association (SEA) voted to join in a statewide action against the legislature to protest the lack of education funding in our state. The SEA is the organization of professionals and union that represents teachers in our district. This protest involves a one-day walkout.

    SEA has selected May 19 as the day for their one-day walkout. Therefore, there will be no school for students on May 19 as teachers will not be at work on that day. SEA chose the day to provide the district two weeks of notice to work on arrangements in an effort to minimize disruption for students and parents to the greatest extent possible.
    The district has been working to determine how to handle activities and events scheduled for May 19 that would be difficult to reschedule. For example, tests scheduled for that day will be rescheduled. However, previously scheduled interscholastic competitions will take place on May 19, after regular school hours.

    While there is no school for students on May 19, the school day will have to be made up, just as we would make up a snow day or other unforeseen calendar change. The make-up day will be added to the end of the school year. This means Monday, June 15 will become a full school day and our last day of school will now be June 16. A revised school year calendar will be shared with families.

    It is important for families to know that this SEA action is not directed at Seattle Public School families or community, but is a statement to the state legislature about the current lack of adequate state funding for basic education.