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    The School and Community Partnerships Department is here to support the building of effective, aligned partnerships with community based organizations. Below you'll find information on some common questions related to partnerships. If the information below does not answer your question, or if you need more info or an individual consultation on anything partnership-related, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

    Partnership Requirements Training Module (requires SPS login): In order to support effective partnerships, we have created an interactive training module designed for school leaders and other school staff who support partnerships with community based organizations. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. 

    Contracts and Agreements. If a partner is serving students in your school, some sort of contract/agreement should be in place. Contracts and agreements with community based organizations can take the following forms: 

    • Personal Services Contract: when the school/district is paying. More info here.
    • Memorandum of Understanding: when the partner is bringing their own funding (a zero dollar partnership). More info here.
    • Alignment Agreement: when the partner has long-term access to space via a lease. More info here.
    • PTSA-coordinated enrichment activities: when a PTSA or parent group is managing/coordinating the partnership. More info here.

    If you have questions on how to execute one of these agreements, or which one applies when, contact

    Data sharing with community based organizations. The School and Community Partnerships Department can manage everything related to data access for partners in compliance with FERPA – you do not need to manage it at the school level. If partners have questions on how to get access to data, they can visit our data sharing page or contact us at

    Partnership Tools. Building effective partnerships takes work and coordination. Visit our Partnership Tools page for some easy to use tools that can help you build effective partnerships at your school. Available tools include:

    - Racial Equity Questions for School Community Partnerships
    - Partnership Summary One-Pager
    - Coordination and Funding Models

    Background checks. Anyone serving students must undergo a background check. It is the responsibility of each partner organization to conduct their own background checks – schools should not conduct WATCH checks for anyone other than school volunteers. For more information on background check requirements and how partners can get themselves checked, visit our background checks page.

    Professional Development for Partners. The School and Community Partnerships Department manages an annual calendar of trainings for community partners that support alignment and skill building. Topics include RULER, racial equity and cultural responsiveness, trauma informed practice, and more. Please make sure your partners are aware of this resource. See the calendar of trainings here

    Searchable Partnership Database. See which organizations are serving which schools, what sort of services they are providing, and the distribution of partnerships across the district. If any information is outdated, email us at