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    Seattle Public Schools Native Education
    Title Vl, Parent Advisory Committee Meeting
    October 11, 2018
    5pm to 530pm
    Lake City Community Center
    12531 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

    This meeting was in a special location and shorter than usual due to the Superintendent’s Listening Session starting at 6:00 pm in the same location.

    Attendees: Emma Medicine White Crow, Chandra Hampson, Gail Morris, Jenny Miller, Stacia Hawkinson, Blaine Parce, Jenn EagleSpeaker, Tonia Galindo, Donna Hale Wolcott, Paul Wolcott, Josie, Jack Brown, Alex, (by speaker phone: Robin Magnin, Shana Brown)

    Elections were held, here are the results:

    • President: Emma R. Medicine White Crow
    • Vice President: Chandra Hampson
    • Secretary: Amy Markishtum
    • Teacher representative: Shandra Brown
    • Elder representative: Robin Magnin
    • Member at Large: Tonia Galindo
    • Member at Large: Blaine Parce


    • The September meeting minutes were approved: motion: Donna Hale Wolcott, second: Blaine Parce
    • Action: Boo Balkan Foster will contact other Native Education programs to find out how support their students.
    • A letter was written from the PAC to support that the Native Ed Manager position be made into a Director. Motion to approve: Jenny Miller, second: Donna Hale Wolcott
    • A letter was written from the PAC to thank the district for the ‘I am Native’ video motion to approve: Jenny Miller, second: Donna
    • We were joined by Superintendent Juneau at 530. She introduced herself and asked for the attendees to the meeting fill out cards with our priorities which were gathered.

    Meeting ended at 6pm so attendees could join the larger Superintendent Listening Session with the broader committee

    Meeting adjourned at: 6:30pm
    Amy Markishtum, Secretary

    Next meeting: November 8, 2018 5pm at Meany Middle School 301 21st Ave E, Seattle, room 46