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    Community Engagement at Seattle Public Schools

    Seattle Public Schools and the SPS Board of Directors believe community engagement and two-way communication are essential to improving district decisions and outcomes for students.

    Engagement Opportunities

    Check our Community Engagement Opportunities webpage for information about current ways you can add your voice.

    If you have questions about community engagement at Seattle Public Schools or need ADA accommodations or additional language supports, please email


    District community engagement ensures student-focused decisions are made while balancing multiple factors including, but not limited to racial equity, budget, capacity management, and time constraints.

    The benefit of community engagement is that sustainability of decisions tends to endure when other factors, such as local knowledge and perspectives become part of the decision-making process.

    In support of this commitment in 2016, a representative task force informed development of a toolkit, associated professional development for staff and adoption of a new online engagement tool, ThoughtExchange.

    About Thought Exchange

    Thought Exchange is an online engagement tool that helps Seattle Public Schools lead discussions about important issues effecting our district.

    All participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, discover, compare and prioritize different points of view using a common scale rating.

    Participant privacy is vital to the process. All thoughts are confidential, but the process is moderated and to ensure the conversation maintains a safe and constructive environment. The district will not tolerate any hate speech or rude or inflammatory comments.

    ThoughtExchange Overview