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    The FAMILY PARTNERSHIPS department supports the district and schools to effectively build strong family partnerships and advocacy to improve student success and school culture. 


    In 2018, the Family Engagement Taskforce presented Seattle Public Schools with the Family Engagement Action Plan that focused our work on these four pillars:

    • Shared Power & Responsibility 
    • Two-Way Communication 
    • Facilitating Positive Interactions 
    • Creating Welcoming Environments

    Our team supports school-based family engagement by providing:

    • Professional Development
    • Consultation about family engagement
    • Coaching school leaders and/or school family engagement teams

    Our mission is to build and expand the capacity of school and district staff to effectively engage with their families to support and improve learning, development, and whole health of each student.

    Families and schools collaborate in an authentic partnership to create a path for students to reach their highest potential.

    Family engagement
    refers to school-family partnerships. It is the collaborative interaction between educators and families in activities that promote student learning and positive child and youth development at home, in school, and in the community, including but not limited to 

    • regular, two-way and meaningful communication between parents and school personnel 
    • outreach to our diverse families
    • parent education
    • staff professional development
    • volunteering school
    • decision-making and
    • advocacy. 

    Family Engagement is a shared responsibility which is continuous from Kindergarten through 12th grade and reinforces learning that takes place in all settings.

    Anita Koyier-Mwamba

    Family Partnerships Manager  

    Phone: 206-252-0716 


    Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Anita is a married mother of two school aged children. Anita’s Interests and hobbies include reading, world languages, traveling and learning national anthems. She received her BA in International Studies from Southern Oregon University and a JD from Seattle University School of Law, and is a passionate Human Rights Advocate.  


    Holding as a core belief that education is the human rights issue of our time because children are socialized into the obligations and privileges of citizenship at school, Anita strongly believes that we must make our schools work for students and their families as an imperative both for individual growth and national development.  


    Her philosophy of Family Engagement is that Families are the first and lifelong teachers in student lives and are essential partners in student learning. We must engage with them as partners and co-designers of student learning experiences.

    Asosa Sailiai

    Family Partnerships 
    Program Coordinator 

    Phone: 206-252-0758 


    Having attended Seattle schools, American Samoa native, Asosa Sailiai continues to serve SPS with heart and commitment to support student learning and access to education. Through many roles, including extensive work with community-based organizations, and coaching high school football and track, Asosa connects to many different communities through his work with social services.  


    He believes that every student deserves to have a quality education no matter their circumstances.  Stemming from his culture’s value in elders and the wisdom they possess, Asosa sees that education should be about sharing and passing on to the next generation and works to improve a comprehensive and systematic approach to engaging families with Seattle schools. Asosa enjoys creating an atmosphere where people value who they are and what they have to offer to the world, in diversified forms from dancing to talking circles.  “It’s this creativity that I enjoy-- trying to assist people in discovery.”


    Mohamed Roble

    Family Partnerships 
    Student & Family Advocate 

    Phone: 206-252-0696 


    Mohamed Ali Roble was born and raised Mogadishu, Somalia. For over 20 years, he has been working in Seattle Public Schools, serving many roles supporting students, families, and communities. Mohamed completed his bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Somalia National University and master's degree in Education and Counseling at Antioch University, Seattle. 


    Mohamed is committed to supporting students toward graduation and higher education, especially students from diverse communities and ethnic languages. As a family advocate, he promotes equitable and multicultural, welcoming environments and two-way communication.   


    Mohamed's favorite hobbies are football (soccer) and walking at Alki Beach and Seward Park. He has three children (two daughters and one son) and one grandson and delights in a diverse range of foods from African and Asian to Latino and Middle Eastern foods.