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    January 29, 2019


    Dear 8th Grade Students who have taken World Language Credit Testing,

    You are receiving this letter because you participated in World Language Competency-Based Credit testing this year and qualified for competency-based credits in a language you know. Now you need to get those credits added to your transcript.

    Awarding High School World Language Credits
    World Language Credit will be granted (in high school) if students meet the following levels of proficiency across all skills tested (generally: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking; but always at least Writing and Speaking):​

    • Novice Mid earns 1 credit

    • Novice High earns 2 credits

    • Intermediate Low earns 3 credits

    • Intermediate Mid earns 4 credits

      Credit will appear on the high school transcript with a "P" for pass as the grade mark. Students will need to specifically request to have the credits added to their high school transcript. Once we know which high school 8th graders end up attending, we will share your WL Credit Testing results with that high school so they can add the credits to your transcript when you get to 9th grade. The counselors will have access to an online copy of the letter and test results that we provided to you in 8th grade. (Your middle school also has a copy.) Just contact the counselor in high school and tell them you want to add the world language credits to your transcript.

      Placement in High School World Language Classes

      If you earned credits in a language we teach in high school (e.g., Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Latin, or ASL), the recommended placement of students into high school world language classes is:

      • If student earns 1 Competency-Based Credit, place into Level 2 at high school

      • If student earns 2 Competency-Based Credits, place into Level 3 at high school

      • If student earns 3 Competency-Based Credits, place into Level 4 (or possibly AP) at high school

      • If student earns 4 Competency-Based Credits, place into Level 4 or 5, AP or IB at high school

      Specific placement decisions are up to the high school you attend based on conversations with the language teachers, student, and family. 

      How many world language credits do you need to graduate high school?

      You will be in the high school graduating class of 2023 and your class will be subject to the new high school graduation requirements (24 credits including 2 credits of world language). Note that you can meet the state (and district) high school graduation requirement with 1 credit each from two languages (e.g., Spanish 1 and French 1). 

      How many world language credits do you need for admission to a 4-year college?

      If you ever plan to apply to attend a 4-year college or university in our state (and in most other states), you do need to have world languages on your high school transcript. Although we talk about needing 2 “credits,” in fact, college admissions officers don’t count credits; they look at the highest level of world language course you’ve taken. If you have the opportunity to continue study in your language at the AP or IB level, it is much better to have an AP or IB or College in the High School course on your transcript (in addition to your competency-based world language credits). Based on AP or IB test results, you may qualify for 5-15 college credits if you attend a 4-year college or university. That’s a big savings of tuition money! Finally, at the University of Washington, the college admissions requirement is 2 credits, but the exit requirement is 3 credits. That’s the minimum number of world language credits you should aim for in high school.

      Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. If you contact me, let me know which high school you are planning to attend.


      Michele Anciaux Aoki, International Education Administrator, Seattle Public Schools

       or 206 252-0191