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    Future Changes Under Discussion for Five Schools

    Updated August 15 2019

    Changes are being discussed for several elementary schools in southeast Seattle. These schools are Dearborn Park International Elementary, Kimball Elementary, Maple Elementary, Van Asselt Elementary, and Wing Luke Elementary. These changes would be for future years. There are no changes to these schools for the 2019-20 school year that starts in September. Middle school boundaries match elementary school boundaries, so there are likely to be corresponding middle school changes to keep all students at each elementary school feeding to the same middle school.

    Expanded community discussions

    Last year we had community discussions with Maple Elementary, Van Asselt Elementary, and Wing Luke Elementary about boundary changes for those schools. The changes were approved in 2013 and are scheduled for the 2020-21 school year.

    This spring and summer we expanded the discussion of boundary changes to include other nearby elementary schools: Dearborn Park International and Kimball.

    Working group formed

    A working group has been created. It is made up of principals and parent representatives from each of these communities. The working group is meeting with school district staff to look at options over the next several months. We have asked each person in this group to consider the needs of all students.

    Meeting to be scheduled in September

    The working group will look at possible options for boundary changes. Those options will be shared with the community in September. We want to complete this group process before having larger discussions, therefore, we will not have a community meeting this spring. We look forward to meeting with you in the fall.

    Decisions have not been made

    There is no new information to share until this work happens. No decisions have been made, including any decisions about grandfathering of current students.

    Help us keep in touch

    We want to make sure families are informed and kept updated throughout this process. We will use School Messenger emails and communications through your school to provide information. To ensure that you receive these messages, please make sure your school has your current email address in the district system. Translated messages will be sent to families listing Chinese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese as their home language.

    For families who have younger children not currently enrolled in Seattle Public Schools, we will create an email list to send updated information when it’s available. Please email and request to be added to the SE list.

    Current timeline

    May–September 2019: Working group consisting of principals, parents and school district staff develops some boundary change options.
    September 2019: Community meetings to review possible options and provide feedback.
    September 2019: District staff reviews feedback and develops recommendations on boundary changes.
    October 2019: Recommended option provided to the Seattle School Board Operations Committee.
    November 2019: Anticipated month for recommendations for boundary changes introduced to and voted on by School Board.


    We know that families will have many questions about these possible changes. Currently, we do not have answers to most of them. We will update the Questions and Answers below when more information becomes available. If you have other questions or comments, you can email us at

    QUESTION: Are middle school boundaries changing?
    ANSWER: We don't know yet. The middle school boundaries in Southeast Seattle follow the elementary boundaries. If a boundary changes for an elementary school, there could be related changes to a middle school boundary. For example, since Van Asselt Elementary and Wing Luke Elementary feed to two different middle schools, any change to the boundary between those schools would also mean a change to the middle school boundaries.

    QUESTION. Why are boundary changes being considered for these five schools?
    ANSWER. Maple Elementary is overcrowded. Some Maple students were scheduled to move to Van Asselt Elementary in 2020-21. Other families were scheduled to move from Van Asselt to Wing Luke. The School Board has asked that we re-examine this plan, and that we include all of the schools nearest to Maple. There may not be changes at all these five schools.

    QUESTION. When will the changes happen?
    ANSWER. We do not have an exact date yet, but the earliest that changes could take place are in the 2020-21 school year.
    Any boundary changes have to be approved by the Seattle School Board. We expect the School Board to direct us to implement the changes when the new Wing Luke Elementary building opens in 2021.

    QUESTION: What about the changes for Maple Elementary, Van Asselt Elementary, and Wing Luke Elementary that were already approved to happen next year?
    ANSWER: Enrollment Planning staff will be asking the School Board to reverse the previously approved changes. Any changes to boundaries are always approved by the School Board.

    QUESTION. Would current students be grandfathered (allowed to stay at their current schools)?
    ANSWER. We don’t know yet. That will be one of the things that the School Board will decide.

    QUESTION. If boundaries change, who will move and what school will they move to?
    ANSWER. We don’t know yet. Over the summer the working group will examine data and ideas of how changes might be made. We will have more information in time for the September community meetings.

    QUESTION. How does this relate to the BEX V project to replace the Kimball Elementary building?
    ANSWER. We don’t know yet. The BEX V project schedule is still in development. We do know that Kimball staff and students are expected to move temporarily to the Original Van Asselt school while the construction is underway.

    QUESTION. Why can’t you make Maple bigger so no one has to change schools?
    ANSWER. Funding is not available. Construction projects to expand or replace schools are mostly funded by capital levies. Changes to replace and expand Wing Luke Elementary were included in the previous BEX IV Capital Levy, approved in 2013. Changes to Maple Elementary were not included in the most recently approved (2019) BEX V Capital Levy.


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