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    Task Force for Facilities Master Plan Review Charge

    Appointing Authority

    Seattle Public Schools School Board


    This Task Force is being formed to support the school board’s oversight of capital planning by reviewing elements of the district’s draft long range Facility Master Plan.

    Per School Board Policy No. 6901, Capital Levy PlanningPDF icon, the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) should be approved by the school board, and the FMP is the basis for the development of capital levy programs.

    Seattle School District No. 1 plans to submit the Building Excellence V (BEX V) capital levy to voters in February 2019, and as part of the public engagement and due diligence process it is typical for the district to convene advisory committees or task forces to assist in reviewing information, data and analysis.

    The Facilities Master Plan is currently in development with the draft planned for introduction to the school board in June 2018 with approval planned for in August 2018.

    Responsibilities and Scope of Review

    Using the guidance provided in Policy No. 6901, Capital Levy Planning, and the Board Adopted Guiding Principles for BEX V (attached as Appendix A), including the overarching framework of ensuring educational and racial equity, the Task Force will review elements of the draft Facilities Master Plan, including but not to be limited to: enrollment, capacity and facilities conditions analysis.

    They will provide recommendations to the board primarily in two areas:

    • Identification of the areas of the district where enrollment projections and capacity analysis project the most pressing building capacity needs over the next 6 years,
    • Validation of the “scoring and relative ranking of proposed projects” that is included in the FMP and should be approved by the Board per Policy No. 6901. Note: Page 2 of Policy 6901 states “The facilities master plan shall include an analysis of all proposed projects, which scores proposes projects against the priorities listed, together with any supplemental priorities provided by the School board from time to time for individual levy proposals. The scoring and relative ranking of proposed projects shall be presented to the School board for approval as part of the levy planning process.”


    The Task Force is short term. It will be convened in May 2018, and conclude work prior to the planned approval of the Facility Master Plan in August 2018.

    Number of Task Force Members

    Up to 20 members including district employees and community members. The membership shall provide for a diverse representation of the district’s many different communities.

    Qualifications and selection process of committee members

    The District will solicit broadly to attract members with a district-wide perspective as well as geographic and racial diversity using various communications strategies. Members will be asked to apply by a specific date, and selection of the members will be made using a rubric in collaboration between district staff and the board’s designee(s).

    Members from previous SPS committees and task forces such as, but not limited to, the BEX Oversight Committee, the Seattle and SPS Partnership Technical Team, High School Boundaries Task Force, Capacity Management Task Force, Facilities and Capacity Management Advisory Committee, will be directly contacted and efforts will be made to engage members with racial diversity.

    Because of the short time frame for this work and the technical nature of review that is needed, previous engagement in related committees and/or and expertise in enrollment projections and facilities planning will be prioritized for selection.

    Meeting Schedule

    To be determined in collaboration with selected members and district staff, but expected to be 3-6 meetings between May-August 2018 at the John Stanford Center or other locations as determined by the committee and noticed to the public.

    Manner and timing of expected work product

    The task force will be expected to deliver a set of recommendations to the school board and/or Operations Committee in August. Meeting dates and agendas will be jointly planned by staff, the Board’s designee(s), and the selected facilitator.

    The recommendations will be provided in a written document as adopted by a majority of the Task force members.

    Reporting relationship

    To the School Board

    Staff Support Required

    District staff will collaborate on the development of the agendas, provide requested reports, data and information (to the extent that it is available), as well as attend and participate in meetings.