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    Capacity, Enrollment, and Facilities Master Planning Advisory Committee (CEFMPAC)

    Seattle Public Schools is seeking community representatives to support robust analysis and community engagement in the planning processes for school capacity, enrollment and facilities.

    Please review the charter

    In alignment with various board policies related to enrollment, capacity and facilities planning, as well as Policy 0030: Ensuring Educational and Racial Equityand the district’s strategic plan Seattle Excellence, the Advisory Committee will be asked to review, provide input and give recommendations to the School Board on planning and analysis work that informs the Board’s decision making on the Student Assignment Transition Plan, the Facilities Master Plan, school boundaries, and other enrollment and facility capacity management activities.

    Skills and Experience Desired

    Applicants with previous engagement in related committees and/or Task Forces are encouraged. Desired qualifications include:

    • Experience and skills collaborating and working effectively
    • Active engagement in school and neighborhood communities
    • Expertise in urban, capacity, enrollment and/or facilities planning

    Diverse Representation Sought

    The School Board wants to ensure that the advisory committee is made up of members with a district-wide perspective as well as ensure representation of geographic, cultural and racial diversity. The advisory committee will be made up of up to 20 members including district employees and community members. The membership shall provide for a diverse representation of the district’s many different communities. The School Board is committed to racial and ethnic diversity representation on the Advisory Committee and particularly on including the expertise of underrepresented communities of color.

    Expected Schedule, Timeline and How to Apply

    The Advisory Committee is a permanent standing body, with members serving three-year terms.

    It will convene in the Winter 2019-20. Regular meetings are expected once per month with the schedule to be determined considering selected member availability, at the John Stanford Center or other locations as determined by the committee and noticed to the public.

    To APPLY: Please complete the application form by Friday, January 3, 2020.