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    School Leader Perceptions of District Leadership and Central Office Departments Continue to Improve
    Posted on 03/21/2018

    The fourth annual administration of the School Leader Customer Satisfaction survey to all SPS principals and assistant principals occurred in November 2017. This survey gathers general feedback from school leaders on district leadership and specific feedback for over 30 central office departments in three main areas: (1) responsive and helpful customer service; (2) effective management of district systems and process; and (3) timely, useful information and training for schools. We have seen a steady improvement in the overall trend for district leadership and these three focus areas for departmental services.
    Four year trends from November 2014 to November 2017

    In recent years, principals and assistant principals have consistently expressed that district priorities are clear and are aligned to their work in schools and what matters for student achievement.

    Table of top three survey question

    Based on the November 2017 survey, these eight departments recorded 90 percent or higher positive responses for their customer service and/or management of systems and processes:

    • Budget
    • Communications/Public Affairs
    • Early Learning
    • Grants
    • Professional Growth (HR)
    • Purchasing
    • Risk Management
    • Technology Support (DoTS)

    Although some departments are still working to improve their services and systems, the annual survey has revealed steady and significant improvement in key areas.  The following six departments, for example, have each improved by more than 20 percentage points for customer service since 2014:

    Trends by Department