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    Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP & O) and Building Excellence Capital V Levy (BEX V) Approved

    In February 2019, Seattle voters approved the two expiring levies to fund Seattle Public Schools — an operations levy and a capital levy.

    Educational Programs & Operations Levy:

    This three-year, $815 million replacement levy:

    • Funds critical day-to-day school operations, such as additional school staff beyond what the state allocates.
    • Helps pay for instructional materials and textbooks.
    • Bridges the funding gap between what the state funds and what Seattle students need
    • Provides funds for Special Education to ensure our 7,000 students who need special education services have necessary supports.
    • Helps close the opportunity gaps by continuing to provide programs to support our most vulnerable students.

    Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy:

    This six-year, $1.4 billion replacement levy:

    • Improves safety and security at every school in the district.
    • Replaces or modernizes eight schools.
    • Creates permanent classrooms and reduces portables.
    • Improves technology infrastructure for schools.
    • Provides access to classroom technology.

    View the education levies list of projects by school

    Why does the district have to ask voters to consider education levies?

    There is currently a gap between what the state funds and what Seattle students need. So every three years, the district asks voters to renew the operations levy. The levy funds critical needs of the district and maintains the quality of education that our students and families expect. This levy helps make up the gap to fund critical needs.

    Washington state only partially funds construction of new schools, school additions, and major maintenance and repairs. It’s up to the local community to fund these projects through voter-approved levies. Seattle Public Schools has historically had strong support from our community to ensure our students have enough classroom space to learn.

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