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    The School & Community Partnership department is charged with keeping a current database of our community partnerships in our schools so we can ensure partners, schools, and the District have the information and support they need to be successful. The database will be updated annually by our school and partner staff.

    We are in the middle of creating an updated, more user-friendly version of the database. The full database will launch in the 19-20 school year. Please check back for an interim version that you can search through.

    School staff can answer:
    •Where can I find a particular type of partner to fill a gap at my school/program, e.g. someone offering mental health services?
    •Which schools partner with a specific organization I have heard of but want more information?
    •Who does my neighboring school partner with?

    Community Based Organizations can answer:
    •Which region of Seattle has the most/least school based and/or community based partnerships?
    •Which partners are already in a SPS school/s?
    •Which schools don’t have many school based partnerships and may be looking for partners?

    Families can answer:
    •Which partners are currently involved with my neighborhood school?
    •Which schools in a particular region offer school based child care?

    If you are a community partner that would like to be added to the list or school staff that would like to make additions/changes, please email

    For a state-wide list of youth programs, please refer to the Elevate Washington Program Directory