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    Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity School Board Policy #0030

    Seattle Public Schools has made eight commitments to the success of every student in each of our schools.

    lock iconEquitable Access

    The district shall provide every student with equitable access to a high quality curriculum, support, facilities and other educational resources, even when this means differentiating resource allocation.

    document iconRacial Equity Analysis

    The district shall review existing policies, programs, professional development and procedures to ensure the promotion of racial equity, and all applicable new policies, programs and procedures will be developed using a racial equity analysis tool.

    group of people iconWorkforce Equity

    The district shall actively work to have the teacher and administrator workforce be balanced and reflect the diversity of the student body. The district shall recruit, employ, support and retain a workforce that includes racial, gender, and linguistic diversity, as well as culturally competent administrative, instructional and support personnel.

    human thinking iconProfessional Development

    The district shall provide professional development to strengthen employees· knowledge and skills for eliminating opportunity gaps and other disparities in achievement.

    heart iconWelcoming School Environments

    The district shall ensure that each school creates a welcoming culture and inclusive environment that reflects and supports the diversity of the district's student population, their families and community.

    two hand engaged in handshake iconPartnerships

    The district will include other partners who have demonstrated culturally specific expertise -including families, government agencies, institutes of higher learning, early childhood education organizations, community-based organizations, businesses, and the community in general - in meeting our high goals for educational outcomes.

    navigation signs iconMultiple Pathways to Success

    The district shall provide multiple pathways to success in order to meet the needs of the diverse student body, and shall actively encourage, support and expect high academic achievement for all students.

    globe iconRecognizing Diversity

    Consistent with state regulations and district policy and within budgetary considerations, the district shall provide materials and assessments that reflect the diversity of students and staff, and which are geared towards the understanding and appreciation of culture, class, language, ethnicity and other differences that contribute to the uniqueness of each student and staff member.

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to knowing every student by story, strength and need. Students whose history and heritage are appreciated and celebrated will learn better and be more successful.