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    SPS Launching New School Meal Awareness Campaign
    Posted on 09/29/2017
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    School Lunch! Did you know?

    Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is launching a new campaign called “School Lunch! Did you know” and we want you take part and help spread the word. 

    As a school district, we recognize the important connection between a healthy diet and student’s ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards in school. Providing access for all students to a hot, nutritious, and delicious lunch is also part of the district’s goal of eliminating opportunity gaps and creating an equitable educational experience for all students.

    We also realize not many students and families may know much about what we do in our Nutrition Services Department. Did you know SPS serves more than 20,000 meals, including breakfast and lunch, EVERY DAY? Did you know SPS staff make many of our meals from scratch with regionally and locally sourced dairy, fruits, and vegetables, right here, in our district kitchen? Did you know, every day, we prepare dozens of specially prepared meals for students with allergy concerns and special diet requests?
    We do all of that and much more!

    Over the next month we are going to tell you about it, talk about it, and show you all the work that goes into keeping our students fed.


    The district has multiple resources for students and families whether they simply want to know ‘what’s for lunch today’ or if they are curious about how many calories are in each meal we prepare. We have a range of answers for you in several areas.

    SPS Nutrition Services Webpage

    The district’s Nutrition Services webpage is a one-stop destination for questions and answers to all things school meal related. On the webpage you’ll find information about the district’s interactive school menu, on-line free and reduced lunch meal applications, on-line payment for school meals, food allergies and special diet requests, information on our School Wellness and Nutrition Services Policies Task Forces, where we source our ingredients, and much more. 

    Be sure to also check out the district’s “Harvest of the Month”.  A collaboration between the Nutrition Services and Health Education Departments, every month we feature local produce, whole grains, and dairy in schools. Students learn about where the food comes from, health benefits, and how to buy “Harvest of the Month” foods for home.


    Nutrislice is the district’s electronic school meal partner that provides students and families daily meal calendars and the dietary breakdown break down, including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, of each meal we serve.

    Nutrislice also provides a mobile version of their information on their Nutrislice App. Nutrislice menus can be translated into more than 50 languages.

    Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) Program

    All students who qualify for free or reduced price meals receive meals free of charge. Families can apply for free and reduced price meals online or in person. The process is safe, secure, and private, and applications are translated in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Here is more information on the district’s FRL program. 

    Try One of Our School Meals

    If you have a student who has not tried a school meal in a while or not at all… TRY IT! We are convinced you will love the great food our staff prepares and we have a wide range of choices day to day, including egg & cheese muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt parfait with homemade granola, and much more for breakfast and burritos, hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, tuna melts, beef and broccoli, soup, BBQ, fresh salads, vegetables, fruit, milk, and much more for lunch.   

    And many of our recipes are created, tested, and made in our district kitchen. Made from scratch by workers who are dedicated to feeding and caring for our students.

    Join the Conversation

    Look for new stories every week highlighting something you probably did not know about SPS Nutrition Services, the meals they prepare and serve, and how. We will be sharing those stories every “School Lunch Monday” here on the district’s website and on social media. Join the conversation using #SPSMeals and #SPSDidYouKnow.