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    Attachment A
    Software Accessibility Corrective Action Plan (updated: 8/16/2017)

    Purpose: The following corrective action plan (CAP) ensures software accessibility compliance pursuant to paragraphs 34-36 of the Consent Decree. The CAP is a living document and adjustments will take place as appropriate. All actionable elements are on target for completion by September 2018 to comply with the Consent Decree.

    Actionable  Element
     Activities/Mitigation Plan
     End Date
     Primary Lead
     Modify process of EIT procurement at a building-wide or larger level for use by students or parents
    •  Request, obtain, review, and evaluate vendor’s most recent accessibility testing results
    • RFPs by SPS will include requirement that the vendor (1) specify what content and software conform to relevant legal standards, (2) agree to make nonconforming web content and software conform, or (3) agree how it will support SPS in providing equally effective alternate access
    • Include language in contracts with selected vendors to ensure accessibility of products
     4/2016  Complete  Michael Miller
     Conduct a district-wide accessibility audit of curricular and supplemental EIT and digital content acquired from third-party vendors. The audit will examine the accessibility and usability of these resources for students and prospective students who have disabilities
    •  Development of survey and implemented mandated process to inventory all current software products the schools were utilizing building-wide
    • Development of the Master School Software Inventory list
    • Implement process to ensure vendors supply SPS with the appropriate VPAT. If not, vendors were moved to the non-accessible category
     10/2016  Complete  Michael Miller
     Establish Software Committee
    • Oversee deadlines and review current state of software across all schools in the district
    • Inventory management of accessible school software
    • Quality check reviews of the software with vendors to ensure compliance with ADA and WCAG 2.0 AA
    • This process will allow the team to identify, track, escalate, and resolve issues, risks and changes
     Ongoing  Ongoing  DoTS
     Adopt and socialize the CAP with the team
    • Roles and responsibilities, status reporting cadence
    • Post CAP to internal SP and Accessibility Portal
     Ongoing  In-progress  Shaun Serena
    Michael Miller
     Verify that schools are still using subject software and the extent to which it is used
    •  Instructional Technology staff to communicate with each school to verify use of software
      • Weekly Tech Tip Communication
    • Ongoing updates of the Master School Software Inventory
    • Identify vendors as non-compliant and develop a plan to renew licenses
     Ongoing  In-progress Eric Caldwell
    Establish deadlines by when schools must stop using software that does not meet accessibility guidelines
    •  Execute phased comms plan and monitoring process via School Leader Communicator
    • Key stakeholders: John Krull, Nancy Petersen, Eric Caldwell
     10/31/2017 In-progress
    Provide software accessibility procedures that schools must follow when purchasing school-based software
    • Establish and implement accessibly software procedures
        o Develop software request form
        o Schools submit requests to DoTS
    • DoTS and Software Committee will review software requests for accessibility
        o Obtain and review VPAT (see attached: VPAT Review and Approval Procedures)
    • Verify vendor’s method of providing alternative access. The request for use of software is denied if the vendor’s method does not satisfy ADA/WCAG guidelines
     Eric Caldwell
    Shaun Serena
    Soft Committee
     Identify alternative access if product is deemed not accessible or identify a new software that is accessible and provides the same content
    • School staff will identify/develop alternative formats to provide equal access to instructional materials for students with disabilities
    • School submits alternative format materials for review and approval by the Instructional Technology staff

    In-progress  Eric Caldwell
    Shaun Serena
     Provide assistance to schools to evaluate accessibility
    •  Training and readiness for assigned staff on accessibility requirements (ADA Training Video)
     Ongoing In-progress  DoTS
    Publish and maintain inventory of software that meets accessibility guidelines
    •  Biweekly syncs with the Software Committee, DoTS, and the Purchasing team
     9/30/2018 In-progress  Eric Caldwell
    Crystal Miller
    Soft Committee
     Complete CAP no later than three (3) years from date of Consent Decree
    • Weekly ADA Project Team Synchronization Updates
      • Established ADA PMO Team
      • Roles and responsibilities identified
      • Weekly and monthly status reports (attached template)
       10/05/2018 In-progress DoTS