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    HR Policy and Guideline
    Child Custody & Weapons Prohibition

    This month the HR Policy and Guideline Memo focuses on the new Seattle Public Schools (“District”) policy on child custody issues and the District’s pre-existing policy prohibiting weapons possession on District property.

    Child Custody

    The School Board adopted Policy No. 3126, Child Custody, in January 2013. Staff should consult this policy if a student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) dispute custody issues. Custody issues include, but are not limited to, which party has the authority to enroll a student, make educational decisions about the student, and/or obtain information about the student.

    The policy instructs staff to assume that:
    • the person who enrolled the student is the student’s residential parent/guardian who is responsible for decisions regarding the day-to-day care and control of the student; and
    • the student’s nonresidential parent/guardian has retained the right to receive information about the student’s school progress and activities;
    • make joint decisions about the education of the student with the residential parent; and
    • make emergency decisions affecting the health of safety of the student

    Unless the residential parent/guardian submits a signed copy of a court order and/or parenting plan to the student’s building administrator that says otherwise.

    For assistance interpreting court orders and/or parenting plans, please contact Assistant General Counsel Ronald Boy [ext. 20114,] or Robin Wyman [Ext. 20110]

    Weapons Prohibition

    The School Board has a strict policy prohibiting District staff from possessing weapons on school property. Except for law enforcement personnel, students, employees, and visitors are prohibited from possessing or carrying firearms and dangerous weapons on school district property, on school-provided transportation, in areas being used exclusively by the District, or at school-sponsored events or activities. Firearms and dangerous weapons include, but are not limited to any weapon that is designed to expel a projectile by the action of an explosion or compressed air (this includes BB and Pellet guns), metal knuckles, spring blade knifes, and explosive or incendiary devices.

    The District’s Safety and Security Department Quick Reference Guide provides that if a weapon is observed by staff to do the following: “If serious harm is possible, call the Police (911) immediately and notify the Safety and Security Department (252-0707) and the Educational Director.” Call Safety and Security immediately for all other discovered weapons.

    The District policy on weapons, No. 4210, is linked on the School Board Series 4000 page.

    Originally Published January 2013, Staff information updated July 2017