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    DoTS Department Information

    Delivering the right technology district-wide to advance the quality of education.

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    Executive Assistant: 206-252-0305
    Digital Learning: 206-459-4409
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    We foster an equitable environment that promotes high quality, engaging teaching and learning that enables students to be “Seattle Ready” through access to information, software, services, and technology.


    We provide and enhance student learning, teaching, and work environments that prepare students to be Seattle Ready

    • Equitable, reliable, coherent information, software, services, and technology
    • Timely, relevant, and accurate information to support student focused decision-making districtwide
    • Balance safety, security, and usability


    • Provide Excellent Customer Service
    • Deploy/Build Information Technology (IT) systems to improve student achievement and school operations by providing timely, accurate, and quality data and business intelligence for informed decision making
    • Provide effective, reliable, equitable, and easily to use IT environments and ecosystems that support 21st century teaching and learning with
      • Equitable access to network, software, and devices for students, faculty, and staff
      • Coherent systems that work together and are easy to use
      • Access to content and services in a reliable and timely way
    • Create Integrated and comprehensive IT solutions that provide efficient and effective services for business units district wide
    • Implement a well-managed, secure, reliable, scalable, and technology environments and ecosystems that are reliable, scalable, using performance-based analytics