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    Enrollment Planning works with Admissions, Advanced Learning, Budget, Capital Projects and Planning, Early Learning, English Language Learners, Human Resources, Nutrition Services, Special Education, Technology Services, Transportation and many other district offices to provide information and plan for the changes in Seattle Public Schools enrollment over time. Other internal partnerships include:

    Partnerships are also formed externally to assist with long-range demographic and enrollment forecasts by identifying population changes that are likely to impact the capacity of schools. We collaborate with:

    Where are we going and how do we compare?

    The demographic trends in Seattle suggest that there will be continuous flows of migration into the city by a diverse group of individuals and families. Seattle is considered to be one of the fastest growing big cities in the United States. Young professionals, families (native-born and immigrant), return migrants (people returning home after school or career), and people moving to take advantage of the employment opportunities available here are making Seattle their permanent home. This influx of people has important implications for the labor and housing markets, and the Seattle Public Schools district.

    Materials on these pages will cover a wide range of topics.

    Reports, Presentations, and Data Maps

    Summer Internship Program

    Our annual Enrollment Planning Summer Internship Program partners with local college or university students to participate in one of our major research and planning projects. Over the past three years undergraduate and graduate student interns from the University of Washington and the University of California, Los Angeles have contributed to our student assignment process review, capacity management planning, and regional enrollment and housing analysis. Below are a few examples of their work:

    Last updated: 11/08/2018