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    Gail Morris Receives Enduring Spirit Award
    Posted on 06/07/2017
    Gail Morris with the All My Relations blanket

    Gail T. Morris, Native American Education Program Manager, bestowed Enduring Spirit Award.

    On Friday, June 2, Gail T. Morris received the Enduring Spirit Award. Presented by the Native Action Network for lifetime achievements of Native women who, through their commitment of time, energy, and volunteerism contribute to healthy communities. The issues they champion are varied and include environment, education, youth and family, holistic health (mind, body, spirit), continuation and retention of culture, preservation of treaty rights, sacred sites, and economic empowerment.

    Gail T. Morris has been the program manager for the Huchoosedah and Native Education program since 2013, which has flourished under her leadership and advocacy. The academic achievement and graduation rates for our Native students has improved dramatically; over 450 educators have received training in the Since Time Immemorial curriculum; and new programs focused on identity safety and academic achievement supporting Native students have been put into place. Ms. Morris continuously advocates for the Native perspective to be represented during planning and decision-making.

    “I am honored to be included among the strong current and previous Native women leaders. It is humbling to be a part of this group of resilient, tireless, and brilliant women," says Gail.

    As part of her recognition, Gail was presented with the All My Relations blanket created by Native artist Bethany Yellowtail, which features designs of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne nations.

    Native Action Network is a grassroots organization founded in 2001. Their mission is to enhance the beauty, strength, and integrity of the American Indian and Alaskan Native community through personal empowerment and civic participation. The Network is comprised of committed community volunteers who give of their time, energy, and expertise to make a positive impact on community affairs.