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    Advanced Learning testing for Non-Seattle Public School Students

    Registration for testing will be open from August 28 through September 21, 2020

    Students who reside within the Seattle Public Schools boundaries, but are not currently enrolled with Seattle Public Schools have the opportunity to be tested for Advanced Learning eligibility.

    Listed below are the steps that private families follow for Advanced Learning Testing.

    Confirm Your Student's Home Address is in the District Boundaries

    Please confirm your student's home address meets this requirement with the following resources:


    The registration window, the time period in which parents or guardians can register their private school student for advanced learning testing, has closed. 


    All general education testing for Advanced Learning (for students who do not require accommodations) will occur on Saturdays. It is compulsory that students take two tests, a cognitive assessment, and the Iowa Assessment (IOWA) to be considered for an eligibility decision.

    When: Two dates in the Fall

    Where: Cascadia Elementary School


    The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) uses very clear criteria for determining a child’s eligibility for Advanced Learning Programs and Services. Read more about the eligibility requirements.

    After your student has completed the necessary testing, you will receive a notification regarding your student’s eligibility for Advanced Learning or Highly Capable services. (The eligibility process is completed for over 4,500 students by the MSC.)

    When: January 2021

    Where:You will receive an eligibility email accompanied by test scores


    Parents and guardians of students who participate in the eligibility evaluation process may appeal the decision of the MSC. As the appeal process is specific with requirements and timelines, it is imperative that you read all of the appeal guidelines.

    When: Appeals due within 15 school days from receiving eligibility decision


    If you choose to enter Seattle Public Schools after completing testing, you may do so through Open Enrollment/School Choice. If you choose not to enroll in Seattle Public Schools, you may choose to defer for one year and enroll during the next open enrollment window. Visit our enrollment webpage for more information.

    When: Open enrollment: February 2021

    Note: Eligibility takes effect for the following school year. Students who do not enter SPS and begin services will remain eligible only until the next Open Enrollment period in February.


    Contact Advanced Learning

    Have a question? Contact us.

    Key Dates

    See our calendar webpage for upcoming dates and general referral and testing windows.