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    Submitting a Referral: Seattle Public Schools Students

    In order for your child to be tested and considered for eligibility for Seattle Public School's Advanced Learning Programs and Services you must first submit a referral form.

    Referral and Test Scheduling are completed online via the Source. 

    Accessing The Source

    Parents/Guardians of all Seattle Public School students have a Source account for secure communication of news, attendance, test scores, and other important information. 

    If you have not yet activated your Source account, you will need to set up your access to the Source in order to submit an Advanced Learning referral. To set up your access please visit the Source Resource Website. and/or click here for registration instructions.

    For additional troubleshooting tips visit our Using The Source for Advanced Learning page.

    Online Referral and Test Scheduling

    Once you have logged in to the Source, click on the Advanced Learning button to refer your child. Follow the prompts for completing you child’s referral. During the process you will be asked to schedule your child’s testing. For students in grades K -2 you will be prompted to schedule a Screening Form. For students Grades 3-8 you will be prompted to schedule a full CogAT.

    For parents of new SPS students and/or children who do not have current achievement scores (administered by the Seattle Public Schools in 2018) you will be contacted at a later date to schedule your child’s achievement test.

    Parents can reschedule each of their child’s testing dates (cognitive screening, full CogAT, or achievement testing) once per test if needed, using the Reschedule feature on the Source. Tests must be rescheduled up to 3 days before their child's scheduled test date. For example, if you are scheduled to test on Saturday and you need to reschedule, please do so by 11:59 PM on Wednesday night.

    There will be NO MAKEUPS allowed for students who miss their scheduled test. Students who miss their test will be considered withdrawn from eligibility consideration. Exceptions for missed tests will be considered only if parents contact the Advanced Learning department in writing, via this online form only, within 5 days of a missed test.

    Please Note: It is required that all kindergartners who are referred to Advanced Learning participate in the MAP testing cycle at your child’s school.

    What's Next After Submitting a Referral and Scheduling the Initial Tests?

    Please show up for testing on the date and time you selected during the referral process. If you cannot attend on that date you can reschedule online via the Source, as outlined above.

    For more information on Test Locations and preparing for test day, please visit the Testing page.

    Contact Advanced Learning

    Have a question? Contact us.