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    To translate a SPS webpage:

      1.    Locate the page you would like translate
      2.    In the upper right-hand corner, locate the Select Language box
      3.    Click Select Language, a list of languages will display
      4.    Click the desired language, the page will display in the language you selected

    To copy the translation to Word:

      1.    Use your mouse to select the webpage content you wish to copy
      2.    Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the C key on your keyboard to Copy
      3.    Open a new, blank Word document
      4.    Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the V key to Paste

    To format the text:

      1.    Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the A key to Select All
      2.    From the Word menu, select the Layout tab
      3.    With everything still selected, choose Margins, then click Narrow (all will be .5”)
      4.    Enter 0 in the Spacing Before and After boxes to make the text fit on page
      5.   With the text still selected, click the Home tab and choose your font and point size
      6.   Print as usual
      NOTE: Although you may not be able to read the language, you can see where the bold headers are to compare your translated text to the text in English.  You may wish to include the same information in English on the back of the document.